Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - a Super Dad Gone Bad

What is it with dads and their crappy football sons? First we had Craig James defending his progeny while wielding his Bristol power a little too mightily, now we have Phil Simms criticizing Desmond Howard for calling a crappy SEC quarterback a spade.

Howard, striking yet another smile.
Hey Phil, this just're son rolls reefer with greater accuracy than hitting wideouts on slant patterns. And evidently it's a family affair. So perhaps take a look at the family tree branches before wearing your ass over your shoulders. 

Here's the rundown: DaddySimms approaches Howard's area - “Hey Desmond, I saw the tape. You called my son the worst quarterback in the country.” Desmond responds - “I never called your son the worst quarterback in the country, I said that in the Tennessee-LSU game you will see three of the worst quarterbacks in the SEC.” This only incenses Simms more - That’s bull—-, you don’t say that about anyone else. To which the College Gameday "analyst" responds - I just said it about two other guys and statistically, they were.

What a fall from grace, once a Super Bowl champion and now defending his family no matter who's Heisman pose he's besmirching. I mean can't we all just take a moment and reflect on the fact that for once, Desmond Howard has put together a coherent thought in under 20 seconds that is both factual and statistically relevant? This doesn't happen everyday folks. Those who've watched Gameday know that Howard adds 99% more smiles than he does appropriate discourse to the discussion.

I can only imagine what Simms had to say to lil Coach Dooley back in the fall when his boy was replaced by a freshman. More importantly, I hope he never kissed Parcells with that mouth.

Today's Ingredients
Wynn gets a Super MVP hug
  • The funniest part of the Super Bowl was seeing John Madden text on a blackberry the size of a deck of cards with sausage fingers ill-equipped for the purpose.
  • Spoken from the commercial was the Teleflora one, even without getting to see "Kim's rack". It made me completely forget about Christina Aguilawhora butchering the national anthem.
  • Former Dawg Jarius Wynn had a day not many will ever compete with, new baby boy hours before a Super Bowl win. Coach Richt might want to go ahead and start recruiting the 2029 Dream Team with Jarius "Super" Wynn, Jr.
  • Speaking of this year's class, Fletcher Page compares and contrasts ($$) the members of it to the original Dream Team.
  • Nice story over at The Grit Tree about Coach Richt and Valdosta High School's James Eunice, who passed away recently.
  • Pending background checks, we've got a new offensive line coach in Friend. Martin van Dawgin thinks it's a solid hire.
  • Big Muddy thinks we've found the missing link in John Jenkins.
  • agree completely that Big John will make an immediate impact, but on offense? Whoa whoa whoa! Hold it right there and listen to these two words: Charles Grant.
  • Mike wraps up the success recruiting in south Georgia this year while Battle Hymn Notes summarizes the entire class.
  • GenXDawg takes a look at Isaiah Crowell's goals while in Athens.
  • The Lady Dawgs gave Coach Landers his 850th yesterday while expertly dispatching Bama.
  • Hoop Dawgs analyzes the win over AwwBarn Saturday and takes a peak at the coming week. Meanwhile Daugman wonders if Price's performance might help with the recruitment of Jarmal Reid.
  • And speaking of the hoops win, Exile is not pleased with the fan showing overall and wants it to improve in Tuesday night's important contest against Xavier.
  • And lastly, Uga VIII's Big Bad Bruce was buried Saturday alongside his predecessors in a private ceremony in Sanford.

    I suppose this next part has been coming for some time. I've just been delaying the inevitable. When the Great Hale left, I vowed to honor his legacy by referring to further fantastic feats in Georgia athletics coverage as a Haleian Effort.

    I considered bestowing the first mention on myself after last Wednesday's coverage of signing day. I mean, my arm still has a cramp in it from holding up that 4.8 ounce iPhone during the Q & A. But seems a bit over the top and self congratulatory. So I just took myself out to lunch, even bought myself a beer. Kept it rather small scale, laid back.

    Anyway, where was I? Oh yeh, Fletcher Page travelled somewhere just south of Nova Scotia to cover the John Jenkins signing Saturday. He answered questions on Twitter, set up a video camera, recorded the event for all to see...and then made a U-turn, only to get re-routed and delayed north of the Mason Dixon line.

    That's dedication my man! The video reached nearly 3000 live views. Clearly helping married male Georgia fans escape their weekend honey-dos for another 30 minutes or so. Impressive work. Solid effort. No, truly...a Haleian Effort.

    Sounds to me like Legge may owe Page another steak from Chili's. But for the rest of you, it's meatloaf with a side of smashed taters. Here's your fork. Just leave the plate in the sink.



    David Hale said...

    It's the most like me Fletcher has been since he finished five Crown Royal shots and fell down some stairs.

    Bernie said...

    Sweet! Sounds like a topic for next week's meatloaf: Why falling down stairs is 90% more hazardous than falling up them, 100% if you add a purple velvet bag over your head.

    And easy on the cheese wiz Hale. I seem to remember you farming out your video work. Cold lenses fog up in Canadia...or Connecticut...wherever.