Thursday, February 3, 2011

NSD Videos

Apologize about the video upload #Fail to the Live Blog* yesterday. Fortunately, YouTube made things much simpler last night. So below are the four I was able to get when the coaches took the stage.

But'd be impolite of me if I did not thank those of you that came by with your clicks, comments and enthusiasm. In terms of traffic I imagine yesterday I was as close to the rarefied air where legends like the Senator, Kyle King and Westerdawg have set the bar. I'm pretty honest about my reluctance to follow the whims and fancies of 17 year olds, but experiences like yesterday make things like blogging a little more fun.

Hell, maybe one of these days we'll finally get the first Wednesday in February the props it deserves...a national holiday.

My post NSD wrapup is almost done, but needs a little more work. So until it achieves post-ready status, here's some moving pictures from a corner of Butts-Mehre about 5 feet away from Bobo's Blackberry. In this first one, Coach Richt emerges from the Dawg's National Signing Day bunker to talk to the assembled fans and media members.

Next CMR fields a question about the Dream Team concept and discusses recruiting in general. Listen closely. The big difference in what he really says here and what he says just about every year, is that he and his staff actually focused on the state of Georgia. They made it a priority in words and in action instead of just giving it lip service.

Funny moment as CMR starts to discuss Valdosta's Malcolm Mitchell a bit too soon. Then he talks about athletic department profits in terms of the football program and the progress they're making.

Now that Valdosta High's fax machine got plugged in, CMR talks about Mitchell specifically and how he anticipates the playmaker can make an impact.

Pretty good day. I've got some amends to make with the head guy in the wrap-up. All in all it's just one step (that should have one more BIG boost Saturday), but it was an important one. A very important one. It's one thing to run this state on one Saturday in late November almost every year. It's quite another to recruit it year round the way our coaches did.

More later. Go Dawgs!

*LiveBlog brought to you by iPhone, Waffle House, TwittelatorPro and Duracell Instant Charge.


DawgVille said...

Enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks.

Coach Richt did a great job pulling this together and deserves a lot of credit. Coach Perno should hire him as a clean up hitter, cuz he hit a home run.

Sports Dawg said...

Great job Bernie! Great succes yesterday with this class. I felt like the signing of Pagan would have off-set the loss of Dickson, and Richardson would have been icing on the cake. But if Big John comes on board Saturday we will have no regrets with this 2011 class.

Bernie said...

Thanks y'all. Jenkins is an absolute must-get...luckily he's all Dawg.