Monday, February 21, 2011

Rough Diamond

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I figured it would be a tough year on the diamond. But swept! Stetson!?!

Here's what Coach Perno had to say.

"We had our chances today and overall, we had some experienced guys just have a tough weekend," Georgia coach David Perno said in a news release. "We've got a lot of baseball left, and I saw some good things, especially from Alex Wood and Patrick Boling on the mound, and Chase Davidson and Jonathan Hester at the plate. We're disappointed at being 0-3, and we have to get better on the mound and at the plate. I thought we played good defense."

I try not to take quotes out of perspective. And the season is only three games old. But it's a theme with Perno to hold players accountable through the media. But the coaches get the pass.

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