Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thank you sir, may I have another?*

Finally, proof that you don't have to guard Scott Hopson a full 36 minutes to win a road game in the Tommy bowl.

Was it over when Bruce Pearl whore'd out for a sideline interview? NO! Who's with me?!?
I am NOT in my living room!
  • Was there a second half collapse in intensity? Yes. But unlike Wednesday night when we just cashed in our chips, this time we stared back across the table and went all in. 
  • Clutch game for Price. Clutch free throws for Ware. Nice win to impress the NCAA tourney elites.
  • Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life Coach Pearl.
  • Although we inexplicably left Hopson open too often, too much. I'm still impressed by our defensive strides this season. We can really tighten down when we need to.
  • And for all the problems Gerald Robinson has had offensively in SEC play, he's done pretty well defensively since the Florida game.
  • Raise your hand held device if you've grown tired of seeing Trey camped out far enough from the basket to score one not score one.
  • It tends to always come down to rebounds. And yesterday we won the boards 35-27. Tennessee didn't shoot lights out (about 41%) and we didn't give them too many second chances.
  • But more than anything, yes...I'm proud of the team for the effort. Great win. About a decade in the making.
So now it's time to create another road win in Gainesville. 

*this post written almost entirely while watching Animal House for the 101st time. If Dorfman was a legacy, we just had to let him in.


Anonymous said...

Impressive. I have to pause the DVD to pour a drink with Animal House on. Too much awesome to multi-task for my small brain.

Ollllddude said...

Price is having a really good year. He's been very, very effective all year.