Friday, February 25, 2011

Three Dimensional Thoughts on the HoopDawgs

ESPN sucks.

Yet I digress. As goes Jeremy Price, so go the Hoop Dawgs. It's a symbiotic relationship that was begging for nutrition last night in the swamp. Yet, despite success from the low block...we just couldn't get it to the big man enough.

Georgia's game is inside, then out. Back inside if necessary. Open up the perimeter honestly through hard work on the inside. Price is big and good enough to carry this team two nights a week. But we couldn't get it to him enough and struggled mightily defensively. I'm not convinced  floriDuh is a better team, but they swept us so there's that.

I was impressed by our attitude in the first twenty. But our energy faded mightily in the second stanza, a habit that must be broken...immediately. I mean seriously, is Coach Fox lighting incense candles and leading the team in yoga at halftime? It's like we're dragging around drip bags of morphine in the the first five minutes of each second half. By the time we work it off, ESPN has already plugged its 3D coverage more than I've seen the wrong side of the backboard from section UU, row 13.

Last night wasn't the end of the world. But it sure tasted like crap. As Buddy said, we tried to dance and they stepped on our toes.


SSB Charley said...

This team's inability to defend the perimeter is, perhaps, my biggest irritation. I recognize that part of it is simply the result of playing a zone against teams with much better outside shooting than we have. But part of it seems to be doubling someone in the post while leaving a guard wide open on the perimeter. We don't seem to follow the other team's guards in running and cutting all that well either, regardless of whether there was a good screen to take our defender out of the play. We just don't seem to pursue the player moving without the ball with the purpose that we need to.

Nonetheless, despite last night and the bevy of close losses, I'll take this season over any I've experienced in a long time as a Georgia fan. I have hope for the future, something I hadn't had in a long time.

Anonymous said...

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