Sunday, March 13, 2011

Braine Era Closes: Hewitt finally craps out

Now that Coach Hewitt has been fired at Georgia Tech, does this officially close the book on the legacy of Dave Braine? You know, the mastermind who engineered the contracts of both Chan Gailey and Paul Hewitt.

If so, it's an especially sad day to be a Dawg. That was one glorious, craptacular era of engiNerd athletics. Here's Hewitt's parting remarks:
“I’m no longer the coach at Georgia Tech. … I feel very fortunate to have 11 years at Georgia Tech. They’ve been more than fair to me and my family. I wish them all the best. I think Tech is in good hands.”
More than fair indeed. The former coach is still due $7.2 million dollars, unless he feels he owes his former employer a negotiated settlement. When Gailey was fired he still had four years at $1 million remaining and Radakovich honored it.

7.2  +  4  =  11.2 MILLION!!!1

That's a lot of damn cokes and hotdogs folks! And it puts the dark era of having Goff, Donnan and Jirsa on the payroll post-firing to shame.

I miss the Dave Braine algorithms. 


Dawgfan17 said...

Just like Reggie Ball and Chan Gailey, I will miss him ;)

Anonymous said...

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