Friday, March 4, 2011

Fine Line between a Douchebag and a Straight Up Playah

Is it wrong that I may be crossing the line? Stephen Garcia used to be just a dumbass with a set of car keys. Now I'm wondering if he might be the one who taught Charlie Sheen just what "winning" is all about.

Multiple sources tell FITS that Garcia – who is known to party like a rock star – was involved in a massive, all-night bender in his hotel room the night before the bowl game. In fact, Garcia’s alleged party became so raucous that the S.C. Highway Patrol – which provided security for the team during its stay in Atlanta – was called to investigate.
Upon entering Garcia’s hotel room, they are said to have discovered the quarterback in a highly-intoxicated state in the company of five different young women – two of whom were completely naked.

Afterall, who can blame the guy when his head coach wrote the book on being an a-hole. No, I don't blame Garcia for much anymore. I say to him, drink all the tiger blood you can get your hands on.

As for Connor Shaw, you got some catching up to do boy.


MikeInValdosta said...

I blame Adonis!

Cojones said...

What's a donis?

The initials CS stood for chickenshit in my day. I guess it remains true today.

Cojones said...

Guess that means Garcia won't be attending school at BYU.