Saturday, March 12, 2011

Glass half full, still thirsty

Yesterday sucked. Should we have won? Yup. Was it an inexcusable loss? Absolutely. Was the fallout a sign that things are on the rise? Of course it was.

If you're currently calling for Coach Fox's head, I applaud your allegiance, but you should probably take an hour or so off from the twelve ounce curls.

Really. Step away, take it all in.
  • We're about to make the NCAA Tourney. 
  • Am I sure? Pretty much. I suppose it's possible we don't make it. But I'd be just as shocked at that as I was when there wasn't a whistle at the end of regulation against Tennessee in Athens.
  • We're back in the serious discussion among AAU hoops around Atlanta and beyond. To react dramatically is to embrace the idea of starting all of that over again. Remember that guy named...Felton?
  • Fox has yet to stock the roster. If When we make the tourney tomorrow we'll be a small part of every water cooler discussion on Monday morning. Everyone takes notice of that, especially big BIG recruits around Atlanta.
Yes, it wasn't a great second half for Coach Fox as he was upstaged and outcoached by Anthony Grant. I didn't see it live, but later watched the replay in near entirety. I'm baffled by his reluctance, er stubborness...?? call a timeout that late. And then when he did we hit the winning shot after the whistle.


But he's got the wheels moving in the right direction. It's just that right now the seat belt is needed much too often.

- Weiszer's notebook
- Exile's initial reaction
- currently, Lunardi has us as a First Four game in Chicago


Ollllddude said...

Completely agree. If you said before the season we would be 21-11 with wins over UK & UT many people would have said "no way".


It is frustrating to see how we can get a good lead and then not hold it. IN fact, I would argue that the fact that people care about it at all is a sign that CMF has done well here. In the end, you have to see that every year with CMF has been better than the one before it, and this year is no exception, and that is true whether we get an invite or not.

Anonymous said...

Our starters can play with anybody. In almost all of our 2nd half meltdowns(7 of our 11 losses came after we led at the half), one or more of our starters has fouled out. Yesterday, Price fouled out and Thompkins had 4 for a long period of time. When that happens our bench has to play extended minutes. Most of those guys don't hurt us when playing limited minutes, but having them out there during crunch time is a killer. Look at what Barnes did yesterday at the end of the game - missed layups on two consecutive possessions.

Lack of thought comment said...

I got 99 problems but a Fox ain't one

Dawgfan17 said...

Much rather be in the position we are now of talking about several close losses we should have won than trying to figure out when we are going to be able to stay with 10-20 points of good teams and break .500 on a season.
Fox still has a ways to go to turn UGA into a good program but I like all the signs I have seen so far. We have a good team that will be close against whoever they play and who will not lose to a bad team. That is a good start.

Bernie said...

All great comments. Thanks to everyone.

That Thursday game against AwwBarn was about as complete a game as we've had in a long while. It'd be awesome if we could make the tournament, use a couple days to find a floor leader, then make a nice little March run.

We'll know if the first part of that's possible late tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

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