Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Spring Practice Day!

Don't feel like you need to stretch too hard. We get more than a week off starting tomorrow.

Some reading to start the spring off - Chris Low has a summary piece up on where the Dawgs stand heading into spring. Check it out if you haven't already. I think it hits on most all of the questions heading into spring. Here's a couple highlights that especially intrigue me:

  • Really glad to hear that Ealey and King are working hard off the field. We're desperately thin and inexperienced at RB without both of them.
  • Leadership: “We’re holding each other accountable and have the right kind of attitude,” Robinson said. “I think we’ve eliminated some people maybe that were cancerous, whether it was people who graduated or might not be here anymore. We’ve become a team of guys that want to be here and want to do well for Georgia.”  - Christian Robinson ladies and gents, #45 in your program.
  • Sanders Commings...eager to see where he ends up. I personally would like to see him be able to stay at corner. For that to happen we have to have the current safety depth chart step up.
A couple of things I would add:

  • New assistants. How well do Friend and Olivadotti adjust to Woodruff Field?
  • Murray's ankle. He should be a full go by the time Spring Break is over. I want the younger guys to get lots of reps, but hope it's not out of necessity.
  • Bulking up, up front. Low has some nice quotes on the S&C front. But the battles in the trenches will be a focus this spring.
  • And along that notion, nose tackle. Who's ready to compete with Jenkins?

Lastly, I don't think I mentioned in any previous posts, but Boykin has tweeted once or twice about his new blog. Check it out

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