Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Johnathan Taylor Update

In case you hadn't heard, Taylor's surgery went as planned. But there's no news...which is a good thing really. It will take a while before they can make any type of prognosis going forward. In the mean time, you can visit his Caring Bridge site and leave him some well wishes if you have not done so already. (h/t Streit) Although it's impossible to imagine what Johnathan and his loved ones are going through right now, I'm sure the supportive words of the Dawg Nation are much, much appreciated.

Quite an emotional win last night in Macon for the Diamond Dawgs. The black jerseys were worn and Cone wore #2. Great write up here by Weiszer to catch you up. Go Dawgs!

As for tonight, the rain's not really expected to start tapering off until well after first pitch is scheduled. In short, it doesn't look good for baseball tonight in Gwinnett. I would offer to host a soggy tailgate in the parking lot regardless...but Mother Nature would just drink all the beer and belch in our faces anyway. *sigh*

Stay tuned.


Pumpdawg said...

Visited JT's caringbridge page last nite.Support coming in from all over the nation.Reinforces my faith in humanity.Somewhat.

AthensHomerDawg said...

My wife did a rotation there while finishing at Augusta.... they are on top of it all...he is in good hands.