Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Missing Man Violation: how much do we care?

Coach Richt can't make calls to recruits the month of April. On the other hand...we landed the top tailback in the country a month ago.
First of all, he knew the stunt was problematic at best. I also think we sign Crowell without him ever taking the jersey and standing in the RB position that January afternoon. However, I'm okay with Richt toeing the line. In fact, in this day and time when it's okay for parents to be paid behind their kid's back...I applaud it. If other programs are going to be able to blatantly defy the rules, I can accept a secondary violation if it helps solidify a dream team member.

Richt's facing a win or else season ahead. He took the high road during Kiffin's brief jaunt through the SEC, racking up secondary violations like they were cheap scratch off lottery tickets. This December Richt watched as one of the Dawgs' biggest rivals received a stay of execution and was allowed to play an ineligible player.

It's the new NCAA and its subsidiary, the SEC. I understand that silly rules like the one Richt broke are there for a reason. But it's been made clear the gray area is vast, as large as the area from West Opelika to Columbus, Ohio. The only given is that any misdeed in Athens will be gone through with a fine toothed comb and dealt with swiftly, harshly.

So I doubt many Dawg fans are barking too much about this latest run in with NCAA compliance. If they are, they just haven't been paying attention. It's obvious Coach Richt has.

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