Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - The Bracketology of Dancing

Today there is something we can say that Tech, Auburn, Bama and Jim Harrick can't...we're dancing baby!

Just stuff it Charles.
After sweating it out most of the weekend, it turned out that we were a virtual lock since the SEC tourney started. We not only made it in the big dance, but we grabbed a 10 seed to boot. This news upsets Lunardi some analysts as well as Updykes other basketball fans. Leaving Bama at home without a date despite losing to them twice in the last week, is hard for many to fathom.

“Georgia got in easily,” analyst Charles Barkley said on CBS. “I thought Georgia should have been in, but everybody had them last four out or last four in, but nobody had them as a 10.” 

But the season didn't start 10 days ago. It started back in November and that's when the Dawgs started working on their resume. While some teams were frantically tying and fiddling with their bow tie this weekend, Coach Fox could point to his RPI and his SOS. There was no need to look in the mirror for one last check.

“This is about a four-month marathon, not a four-day postseason tournament,” Fox said. “I think people forget that.”

The body of work had spoken for itself. Shoes are shined. DJ is plugged in. Raftery's got the onions. Well done Coach Fox. Do us proud!

Today's Ingredients
  • Weiszer breaks down the scene at Stegeman when the team found out. Fletcher Page does the same.
  • Andrew Miller reminds us that there can be only one true Dawg.
  • We'll tip off Friday night in Charlotte after the Heels. Gentry Estes has the full TV slate for the first weekend.
  • Got an extra couple hours at work today? Need a clean bracket to scribble on? King's got the hook up.
  • Dawgola Tesla wishes Bama well, in the NIT.
  • hoopdawg is pretty excited. And like most of us, Exile is surprised by the seeding. He also runs down some other eye-openers.
  • Bubba n' Earl are dancing (boy, that's a sight I bet) and looking for hoop fans ready to bust their bracket. ugakerri is also running one, if you have Football Withdrawal.
  • When I watched Perno's squad from my soggy seat last Wednesday I thought they were in the midst of turning things around. But I never expected the Diamond Dawgs to sweep the west coast.
  • I'm sorry Senator, what's this good Samaritan news concerning the football team of which you speak?
  • The Buckeyes sell their soul to win one game against the SEC and now suddenly their fans are acting like a bunch of Updykes.
  • They're even forcing Herbie to get his highlights done down south now, kicked him out of Columbus.
  • I think Hinton wraps up the Herbstreit saga pretty well. But am I the only one that finds the whole story a little less harmful when this fanatical fan mentioned is a high school kid?
  • Now that Hewitt is goneRivals has an interesting name as a possible replacement on North Avenue. Personally, I've heard Bob Knight is willing to interview.
And Knight definitely knows how to swing, if you know what I mean. I'm sure Jay Bilas and Furman Bisher would provide their endorsement. Dickie V too. Terrance Moore I hear is sticking with Mike Vick.

But forget all that Dawgs. Let's get to groovin'.

Dawgs can dance if we want to
We can leave the Tide behind
'Cause your nerds don't dance and if they don't dance
Well their bubble burst this time
I say, we can go to Charlotte
A place where the Bizarro Dawgs we will find
And we can act like we come from the Steg
Leave the real one far behind

And we can dance

That's the end of the meatloaf Reader. Hope it fortifies you on this National Bracket Monday. Remember, if you get a gravy smudge on your probably don't want to run it through the fax.


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