Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - Cotton Candy Highs

Sorry about the small servings today. Entertained twenty 1st graders yesterday while holding Mother Nature at bay. By the time things settled into evening, I was just as exhausted as my new 7 year old.

Just before the invasion
of the 7 year olds
Seriously, there were more fires to put out in preparation for this party than there were shoes gathered haphazardly around the entrance to the inflatable jumphouse. Personally, I thought we were doomed when the dude that showed up to set up the party was wearing a floriDuh cap. At first I didn't recognize his allegiance because he was still in his winter wear, no jorts...full length dungarees and an Abercrombie sweatshirt. But the orange F on the hat that was cocked to the back gave him away.

And of course I wasn't surprised when he tried to talk me into getting two extra hours with the cotton candy machine, the paint flinging spin-art device and the lawsuit waiting to happen castle of air. What do I look like chomp chump? A HillBilly? You come get this stuff at 4:30 as agreed upon so I can quit kid-sitting and catch the last installment into the Final Four.

And luckily my little angel didn't see the guy at all, or else she probably would've called the whole thing off. My girl doesn't stand anything reptilian. Her young eyes have seen the Glory and there's not a scripted helmet within miles.

Today's Ingredients

  • Big shout-out to Virginia Commonwealth University on crashing this year's dance. I love watching teams that pass a lot and Shaka Smart's squad hasn't disappointed yet. All of this from the team that wasn't supposed to dance at all.
  • How great is that Butler-VCU game going to be Saturday? Those are two coaches any program should dump a truckload of money towards. Well, any team that has more than ten girls on campus.
  • Staying on the hardcourt, Landers' Ladies went down hard to Texas A&M last night. Ouch.
  • The HillBillys have their new man, Missouri State's Cuonzo Martin. Now we wait to see what Kevin Ware decides of this new development...and what the heck those helluva engineers do.
  • And the jackets seem to be reassessing after Richmond's Chris Mooney said no thanks. UPDATE: Dayton's Gregory will take the job on North Avenue afterall.
  • On the diamond, Perno's Dawgs made the most of a twinbill and a break in the weather yesterday to take two in the series with LSU.
  • Dean Legge gives us a look at Coach Richt's newest commitment, TE Ty Smith out of Colquitt Co.
  • If you impress both the Senator and PWD you're doing something. And Kwame Geathers (and by proxy, the S&C program) has done...just that.
  • Streit has the top ten games in the upcoming SEC season.
  • Bama once again will have to face more rested, bye week opponents than any other SEC teams.
  • Meanwhile the water around Columbus OH only gets hotter for Jim Tressel, who evidently can show Bruce Pearl a thing or two about wagging the dog.
That's gonna do it for today. Just one last piece of advice: when assigning job duties at your kid's b-day party, it's probably not a good idea to put a granddad in charge of the cotton candy station. My Pops was handing those things out faster than I could peel the kids off the ceiling. I never knew he worked the know, other than the family one in our house growing up.

Here's your fork Reader. Grab a cupcake too on your way out please.



AthensHomerDawg said...

Just be glad it wasn’t a pool party with a 2 dozen 6 year olds running amok. Why is it that there is always that one kid who likes to throw hotdogs in the pool, squeeze the ketchup bottle while standing on it in the pool or letting the dogs out to swim with them in the pool. And why does it turn out that this “kid” just happens to be your kid’s best friend.? And why does your bride scold you when you ask to peruse the guest list when future events are scheduled at your home for any conflicts? Now its Saturday pre-game barbeque when my grill and stereo are hijacked and I am forced to listen to music I really don‘t appreciate! And that “kid” is still coming and he's bringing the music. So chin up Bernie…. It’s all good, ;-)

Bernie said...

You're right. There's always that one kid...