Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - Socializing with Winners

I remember when the only social network was the one that ended at the back of the neighborhood. And if you went back that far, it was only because your friends dared you to go touch Ol' Man Crazy's mailbox.

Nowadays socializing has a much different meaning in many contexts. Case in point, I finally watched The Social Network the other night. If you're unfamiliar, it's the movie about how Facebook was created and the oh so many tangled webs it caused. It seems Mark Zuckerberg is quite the a-hole. Surprise! He enlists help from others then slowly cuts bait with them as they get less and less important in his life's endeavour.

Don't get me wrong, Zuckerberg is the driving force behind the website's creation. But intellectual property is a tremendously gray area. But as a show of respect, I decided to reach out to the little twerp; perhaps even invite him on my little blog here to help him gain some credibility in the online world. I figured the best and most appropriate way to do this would be to Friend him on BookFace. So I logged on, typed in his name and instantly his page link pulled up.

But I guess the BookFace owners get special privileges on their little social site there. You can only Like Zuckerprick's page as opposed to counting him among your actual cyber friends. How is he ever gonna get that thing off the ground that way? I mean, he's not even one of the official BDB BookFace page's Likers. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. If I can be friendly with Eminem or Lady Gaga...why can't I click steady with the guy who once blogged about his girlfriend's inferior genealogy and bra size?

But it may be for the best that Zuckerdouche and I don't cross paths. The whole time I was watching the movie I just kept thinking "this is the dude that introduced AJ to Chris Hawkins...what fantastic bag of fail".

I'd bet all of my friends' farm animals that Zuckersmuck ends up in the old dark house down at the end of the road in a couple of decades. Guess we'll know for sure when he updates his profile pic to include all those cats that come and go from his yard.

Today's Ingredients
  • And no, that movie was no where near as good as Inception (and The King's Speech from what I hear). It was interesting, kinda cool to see how it all started and the trainwreck it has become legally (assuming it sticks closely to the actual story). But as far as a movie experience, I'll take Nolan's film every day of the week.
  • Coach Perno spoke about his outfielder's injury. Continue to raise up your prayers and thoughts for Jonathan Taylor. When his status is updated I'll be sure to post. (UPDATE: Taylor had will have surgery to realign his spine this morning.)
  • In the mean time, be sure and come by tomorrow for the official BDB Gwinnett Baseball Classic preview. If you still need tickets, you can still obtain them...HERE.
  • Exile's SEC Power Ballot is out and he thinks a loss to Abuurn Thursday would leave us teetering. But perhaps that's just NIT picking.
  • And hoopdawg also thinks 10 would be a number to dance to.
  • Bubba 'n Earl are hosting a bracket challenge.
  • Looking forward, Carvell looks at two future Dawgs who squared off against each other in the Class A playoffs.
  • Felton's hounds ran that hardwood, and now the Thrillerdome may be an omen for Hewitt's fate...?? NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  • the Senator wonders if the new eating regimen is having a secondary beneficial impactThe Lady Sportswriter also weighs in.
  • ecdawg has the 2011 helmet schedule.
  • The AJC had a nice spring preview for CMRs squad. I went back later to grab it as an ingredient and can't find it. Their site needs less Zuckerberg Fail. (UPDATE: here it is.)
  • In case you missed it, Noops is back on the blogroll and wants to know if you would tryout for a spot on Coach Richt's roster.
  • In the wake of the BYU pre-marital sex scandal, both the school and Brandon Davies continue to get support. Click here to find out which side Timmy Tebow falls on.
  • Last week Pittsburgh became the poster program for pugilism, and not in a good way. Now the former coach is defending the Panthers. 
  • But Wannstedt's currently in Buffalo, so I think he's contractually obligated.
My distaste towards Zuckerberg is probably seasoned too heavily with my aversion to his little site. My wife and I have an agreement, she can have all the BookFace she wants as long as I get the Twittah. It's a far superior network and if there's any mafias hunting down livestock, it's evidently very low key. If these social networks were in high school, FB would be the popular kid at the table surrounded by hundreds of future soccer moms and college bound standouts.

If you've ever lost custody of your kids,
you're more "wild" than "winning".
Meanwhile, Twitter is chilling at the corner table spreading awesomeness like a cool breeze through a forrest of tree limbs. Catch it, breathe it in. Or simply let it pass by, a casual glance requires no commitment. Like when a former young gun goes public with his tiger blood, coked out habits and very non-BYU lifestyle...then decides to bring all that losing to Twitter, you can filter it out about as easily as his brother Emilio does. There's no reason log off or check your privacy settings' fine print.

But I wish those Harvard dropouts plus the Napster freeloader the best in their future endeavours. If it ever gets off the ground completely maybe we can all be friends. Until then I'll stick to a little saying that's popular within the boundaries of 140 characters:
BookFace is where you go to find out you don't like the people you know. Twitter is where you go to find out you like the people you don't know.
Before my mom and some others get their self all in a tizzy, it's not a hard and steadfast rule. But it's an accurate description for the most part. As for you, don't let Monday clog up your timeline Reader. Here's an extra napkin in case Sheen drips any winning on the buffet line ahead of you. Zuckerwhore will be around with the mop shortly.


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