Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Practice Notes, 3/23

Some news and notes from spring drills yesterday.
  • Aaron Murray, more dangerous than AquaMan.
  • In our 10 Questions yesterday, Fletcher Page emphasized the offensive line's importance this Spring. Weiszer has the story of Brent Benedict's long road back to the practice field. I'll admit I had forgotten just how bad his injury was.

Benedict tore his ACL, PCL, meniscus and hamstring in the non-contact injury sustained while running down the field to celebrate a touchdown.
“It was a pretty serious injury, especially with nerve involvement,” said Benedict, who practices now wearing an ankle brace.
“You never know how a guy is going to recover from some kind of nerve issue,” coach Mark Richt said. “The good thing on him is there was always something going on good that made you feel like he was going to recover. There’ was always some kind of flicker at the beginning or more movement. As time went on it just got better. …He’s now able to compete.”

Chomp THIS, gayturd!
  • In other injury news, our starting QB is now 100% and he's not planning on doing anymore Michael Jackson impressions. He's giving up the glove and said the main thing he's working on this Spring is his footwork ($$).
  • Coach Richt didn't sound too pleased with yesterday's sluggish practice or the overall shape his team was in coming off last week's Spring Break.

“Spring break — for spring football, it really does stink,” coach Mark Richt said. “You get ‘em working; you get ‘em up to a certain point of readiness, mentally, physically. And then boom, they’re gone. . . . And we [coaches] are, too. Our minds — we’re out of here, too.
“It’s hard to just come back off spring break and just expect everybody to look great. But hopefully we’ll be locked in and ready to go from here on.”
  • As for his run-in with the reptiles in Jamaica, I could've done without the visual image of CMR doing the chomp. I wish instead he would've gone over to their spot on the beach and given them his best Trinton Sturdivant impression. 
  • One thing I didn't take the opportunity to ask Page about yesterday was Bruce Figgins' new role. But he's definitely one to watch the next few weeks. I think his size and ball catching ability at FB will be a nice contrast to Ogletree.
The media could only talk to offensive players yesterday. After Thursday's practice they will have the chance to talk to defensive players.

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