Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Practice Notes, 3/25

Yesterday was the first day of pads, but no tackling until tomorrow. You may recall that the NCAA allows only 8 days of tackling in the Spring. Thursday was also the first day defensive players have been available to the media.

- Weiszer has some more quotes from Christian Robinson about the team's new attitude.
- In many ways it's the same message we get every off season, we're focused on being a team...coming together...working hard. This off season there's just the extra flavor of coming off a 6-7 season. So you want to believe it's genuine.
- I've made it clear I'm focused on waiting until the Fall to see the results and not buying in to the New Attitude repeated regurgitation. In the past it's evidently been players trying to convince other players through the media to buy in. Hopefully this season it's less talk and more action.
- Page has some additional practice nuggets as well. Most notably, he points out that tomorrow should be the first we hear of Jarvis Jones going full speed.
- According to Jones he's a definite go. Will the coaches let him loose?
- If Figgins is the intriguing player on the offensive side this Spring, Jones is his defensive counterpart.
- Well, him and Ogletree...

“I’m starting to learn where I need to fit in and what hole I need to fill.” Ogletree said the switch hasn’t overwhelmed him, stating, “I still have some things I need to work on, but it’s going pretty good.”

If you're around Athens tomorrow and you hear a loud CLAP!!... it might be thunder. Or it might be Figgins and Ogletree colliding at the line of scrimmage.

Go Dawgs!

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