Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stephen Garcia, batting a very cool .600

Couple weeks ago I wondered if I was starting to respect Stephen Garcia a little too much. And now that we know his pre-Chick-Fil-A Bowl hotel party was indeed a reinactment of a Penthouse forum letter that Steve Tanneyhill wrote back in 1993, I will only restate that I simply no longer believe him to be a total douchebag. 

Sources told that Garcia's latest suspension stems from a curfew violation at the team hotel in Atlanta the week of South Carolina's 26-17 loss to Florida State last season in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.
The incident occurred a few nights before the game, and Spurrier considered at the time suspending Garcia for a portion of the bowl game. But backup quarterback Connor Shaw was ill and running a fever, and the Gamecocks weren't sure he would be able to play.
Following the script, it seems the ol' BC feels even less of his starting QB, if that were possible.
South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier has suspended senior quarterback Stephen Garcia for the first week of spring practice.

The Gamecocks opened spring practice Tuesday, and Garcia was not present. Spurrier confirmed Garcia's suspension after practice Tuesday. Reserve quarterback Andrew Clifford has also been suspended for the first part of spring practice. Spurrier said both players should be back next week.

"This was something that happened earlier that we're finally getting around to handling," Spurrier said. "[Garcia's] actually been pretty good this semester. This is something that happened in the past. We just got around to handling it. It's just a violation of team rules. He'll be back next week to answer all [the media's] questions." 
Garcia's fifth spring in Chickumbia and this is the third time he's been suspended for part of it.  Tanneyhill never came close to those kind of numbers.


Anonymous said...

Is it me or does it not feel like this kid's been at SCUm for a freakin' decade?

I feel about him the same i felt ab Ryan Pugh: Ugh-we've got yet another year with this colossal jackwagon in the league.

And shoutout to SOS for staying classy with the discipline!

Bernie said...

Yeh, it was the same way with Cutler at Vandy...only quieter.