Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thompkins - 1st teamer

Trey Thompkins became the first player since Jarvis Hayes to land consecutive mentions as a first team SEC player.

Thompkins was the presason SEC Player of the Year after being a unanimous first-team All-SEC pick last season, but he missed the first three games of the season with a high ankle sprain and has also dealt with a shin injury and an in-grown toenail.
“He has not been as powerful because his lower body hasn’t been healthy,” Georgia coach Mark Fox said on his radio show Monday night. “Hopefully we can continue to try and make him a little bit better every day so we can go into the postseason here with as good a chance to play well as we can.”
Travis Leslie was named to the 2nd team. The Dawgs take on Auburn tomorrow at 1pm in the GA Dome.

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Needs another year to improve game.