Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unhappy Endings in the Hills

Let's all start with the mantra - Another day that Mike Hamilton has a job as the AD on Rocky Flop is another day that proves God also hates orange.

Climer's summation of the Bruce Pearl firing is a pretty honest and hard look in the mirror for Vol fans.
UT's administration would have us all believe that victories and March Madness momentum would not be factors in their decision. Nice try. Based on the waffling, which-way-is-the-wind-blowing approach that passes for leadership at UT, Pearl's biggest mistake was failing to win his way deep into the NCAA Tournament this year. It is telling that on Monday evening UT's higher-ups felt the need to cite an additional minor violation and hint at other misconduct by Pearl to justify doing what they should have done six months ago. Once they finally decided to do the right thing, they couldn't pile on quickly enough.

It's true this decision should've been made months ago. But things don't move that swiftly or logically for many athletic administrations, especially in Hamilton's office. It took this long to feel the full weight of what's coming down the NCAA pipes. It took this long to realize what everyone around the country has been saying since the Fall...Pearl's a helluva coach, but keeping him just doesn't add up. Would it have been a popular decision to fire him in September? No. But it would've saved a season of chaos.

So the Tennessee brass have made the bed, but it's going to be a tumultuous slumber.

And perhaps things would've been different if Bruce had been a man about it when he was caught and not lied to the NCAA...and then again after crying to his own fans. Ego can be a valuable commodity, a man admitting a mistake however is priceless. Would it have saved Pearl's job? Again, perhaps.

In the end, most HillBillies aren't satisfied with how things played out and only Hamilton is left with that burden. The next question becomes how satisfied will they be when the new coach is selected. With the side plots of the NCAA investigation...current players opting for NBA chances...recruits's going to be interesting to see who voluntarily puts their name in the hat to succeed UTs beloved coach.

Whoever it is will need to have stones that are bigger than pearls Pearl's.

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