Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You learn something new everyday...

Pro Day is not supposed to be this exciting folks. It's designed to have all the drama and intrigue of toasting a piece of bread.

But yesterday a strange NFL rule put two former UGA players's draft chances at risk. Georgia did not have a draft eligible departing QB. And the one who had been working out with AJ and Kris fell outside of some dubious metro area radius rule. In fact, the rule could've hurt Justin Roper (a Buford GA native but a former Montana QB) the most as he planned to participate in all drills as well as throw to the Dawg receivers in hopes of impressing scouts himself.

Luckily the calm, cool and collected Coach Richt eventually came up with the solution of having the scouts and other NFL personnel indoors watching via closed circuit while the players had the field to themselves.

For all the hustle and bustle, arguably the most active man during Tuesday morning’s controversy was UGA head coach Mark Richt.
He was all over the practice field, talking with Whitfield, Green, Durham and NFL officials, trying to figure out a resolution acceptable to everyone.
And Richt eventually found one.
“He said, ‘If the technical rule is the scouts can’t be on the field, then I will open up my facility for the scouts to watch indoors,’” Whitfield said.
So believe it or not, that’s how it went.
Once the NFL agreed, dozens of scouts left the practice field before Pro Day ended and walked back into UGA’s newly renovated Butts-Mehre building. They then watched through cameras as Green and Durham took turns catching passes thrown by Roper.
Come to think of it, let's hope next year is just as exciting. I hate for the QB question to be simply answered with a Where's Aaron Murray? White and Figgins are ready.


A said...

Any news where Logan Gray landed?

Bernie said...

There's several schools he's considering but the most noteworthy is that he may end up in Boulder. I think I read that he's planning on attending their spring game. Since he's still in Athens finishing up his degree, there's a pretty good chance we hear when he makes a decision.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Good post... I think you got ahead of the curve......