Tuesday, April 19, 2011

137 Days of Tranquility

Another Spring is in the books. The team gets some rest. The fans get to stare straight down into the heart of an abyss as deep and unfathomable as the one we stared at this time last year.


There are many things I hope for, not the least of which is some tranquility. Just a long stretch with little news to digest, think or blog about around Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall that is remotely football related.

After that, my only other plan is to fill the glass. Not with baseless optimism or flat, skunky brew. Good, hoppy libations that swallow the days away with each thirsty gulp.

Grab a glass. Join me. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post Bernie. It reminded me that I had left a 6-pack in the truck today. I just turned 43 today and they say that the memory is first to go. The day that I abuse a 6-pack of SweetWater IPA like that is the day that I know it's a slippery, downhill slide til the end.


Cojones said...

If you ain't got yer Leinenkugels, you ain't got yer beer.

The Second Amendment doesn't give you the right to make people thirsty before 2. Are you a depraved Auburn/Bama fan? Nah! They don't drink libations, they drink hooch.

Until the summer creeps by, have fun and watch the corn grow. Always remember the best thing made from corn and if we had had a better crop in 1863, the War of Northern Agression would still be raging.

Sic'em Dawgs!!

Bernie said...

@Scott If you need any help with that Sweetwater IPA, hook a blogger up. Good stuff!

@Cojones I've been reading your comments here and elsewhere for a while, and that one may be your most insightful. Not a small task to achieve. I consume more distilled corn and brewed hops than both my doctor and my wife feel is necessary. So this southern boy just doin' his part.

Cheers gentlemen!