Thursday, April 28, 2011

Arthur Lynch: Massachusetts accent, Bulldog heart

Artie Lynch is often the forgotten man at a position that is especially deep for Georgia. So deep in fact, one player who could start at TE for many teams in the SEC has moved to fullback. 

This is a good story on Lynch. It describes him as someone who's been through some difficulties and ultimately chose to move from Massachusetts to Georgia to pursue his academic and athletic goals. More than anything it describes Lynch as devoted to his family and a great person to be around.
“The man.” That’s how senior Tight end Aron White describes him.

A huge grin spreads across his face as he repeats himself: “Artie Lynch is the man. There’s no other way I can put it.” White takes a small pause – still smiling – and elaborates.
“I love Artie to death. I remember him from his recruiting days with his big basketball jerseys on, his jean shorts and his Jordans. I was just like who is this dude?”
If you too are wondering just who this dude is, give the story a read. You won't be disappointed.


Dawgfan17 said...

Short yardage package(not goal line). Malcome at TB, Figgins at FB, Lynch, White and Charles all in at TE. You can run the ball behind the left side with Charles, Lynch, and Glenn at OT and Figgins leading the way. Have some success early in games with this package and the next time you have a short yardage situation you can go for the home run by going play action and hitting either Charles or White deep. Also can go play action, and have Lynch or Figgins slip out into the flats. Getting other teams to have to match up with jumbo sets but still have 4 guys on the field that can make plays in the passing game is huge. This doesn't even count the fact that the number 1 TE in the country will be showing up this summer.

Bernie said...

The way you type that only makes me hungrier for football. Damn.