Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Caleb King's Speech

A group can only be as strong as its weakest link. And last season a good argument can be made that Georgia's RBs were the weakest part of the offense. Ealey, King and Thomas never hit a rhythm. Injuries, self inflicted suspensions, inconsistent action dives on 3rd and long.

Caleb King, facing the media for the first time since missing the 2010 season finale, sounds ready to turn a 180:

“I know I’m going to have a good season this year,” King said. “I believe the fans will come after that. That’s just extra motivation as well. Of course, you want people yelling your name and all that. In football, people love that. That’s the name of the game. I think that comes with the good plays and the long runs and the tough runs.”
More than midway through spring practice, King is quietly going about his business on the practice field. Coach Mark Richt said King “did a very nice job” in the team’s first scrimmage on Saturday.
“Caleb’s been practicing very well,” Richt said. “It seems like he’s really practicing with a really great focus and a physical attitude. He seems to be in pretty good condition. Every time he makes a run as of late, he pops up and sprints back to the huddle. He’s trying to play and practice with a lot of energy.”
Exactly the soundbytes you want to hear from a 5th year senior who's never had that breakout season. A big time recruit that knows a little about where the new kid is coming from.

This will be the final season in Athens for the fifth-year senior, who will be pressed for playing time by incoming freshman Isaiah Crowell. Crowell is rated by and as the nation’s No. 1 tailback signee.
“That’s just a little more motivation to go in the weight room and (for) every practice,” King said. “I can’t wait until he comes here. I’m going to try and put him under my wings and tell him, ‘Everything I did, don’t do,’ pretty much.”
But actions always speak louder than words. And King isn't just talking the talk.
 This time around the offense won three of five to win the day for the first time this spring, according to coach Mark Richt. Quarterback Aaron Murray said that tailback Caleb King “looked awesome today,” including a touchdown run of about 67 yards. 


Dawgfan17 said...

It is great that King is having a great spring. The thing is though he has been great at times but has never had the consistency from week to week. I hope he carries it through spring, the summer and then brings it each and every week during the season. He has the ability, just like Ealey, the question is can either of them bring it each and every week.

Cojones said...

It could be that he hears,"Harton! Harton!Harton!" ringing in his ears.