Monday, April 25, 2011

Drew went down to Georgia

I look at this picture...

...and read the story behind it...and several things come to mind. Here's a few:

  1. How cool is it that a kid in 2011 is listening to the same stuff I listened to thirty-(AHEM!) years ago?
  2. How cool must it have been to be recognized on stage by Charlie Daniels and then spend some time alone with him on his tour bus after the show?!!!!
  3. Charlie Daniels...God bless ya for still doing shows at your age. Keep fiddlin' son!
  4. I'm thankful Daniels isn't wearing an orange T in the picture.
  5. Has Coach Richt offered Ray's brother yet?
Seriously, very good for Ray Drew to get that recognition (although I get the impression he's had plenty of experience in the limelight). And how very good of Daniels to take the time to make the evening a little extra special for Drew and his brother.

Maybe next time they can gather around a hickory stump.

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    Cojones said...

    Don't give a darn who he cheers for, what's the chance he could be invited to a few games at UGA? With the special religious connection, a commemorative Gospel duet during halftime at our SEC Championship would be great. Can Drew sing well?

    Surprised that Brad Paisley wasn't on Drew's list. By the way, I favor CD to the point that I have been mistaken for him years ago and look like his twin today, beard and all.