Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gators Gone Ham

Ever wondered what it sounds like when campus "celebrities" get arrested? Ever wanted to hear proof of a gayturd's sense of entitlement?

Here you go. (Although it's edited for language, still not really safe for all work environments...especially swamp marsh)

(h/t Dawgontap)

The full audio is over 30 minutes. You can click here to listen to all of it on the First Coast News website, but due warning...the others aren't edited for language.

Times are interesting down in Gainesville here lately. Will Hill's tweets were one thing. But the St. Augustine police have exposed some unsettling (albeit alleged) dirty dealings with the pressing of one RECORD button.


Anonymous said...

If you're sitting the the back seat of a cop car, keep your **** mouth shut!

Anonymous said...

We're not in f******* Gainesville.