Saturday, April 16, 2011

GDay Preview

This "game" isn't about the plays. And it ain't about the score. At least for the fans. It's about catching a glimpse of a transition - the transition between a 6-7 season and what we want the 2011 season to become.

For any of you who are new to Spring football, I believe the proper perspective for a fan is to forget about play calls when you watch the scrimmage. For most, it's not about Xs and Os so much as it is about battles, growth and athletic development. With that said, here are the areas that I'll be focused on:

Not many 2011 projected starters remaining and safety is especially thin considering we moved Commings back there from CB to help with Spring depth and he isn't really expected to play. So it will be interesting to see who steps forward.

More specifically, I've long had the feeling that this is a big off season for Branden Smith. He's an exceptional talent that we greatly need to excel in coverage and play making in the secondary. As much as I loved seeing him in on gimmick offensive plays, he should be beyond that at this point. I'd much rather see him become the lock down, physical corner we believe he can be. A second Spring under Lakatos' watch should get that done. It better.

Defensive Pressure
If the patchwork secondary has a big day, it will definitely have something to do with the front seven. Unlike the DBs, the LBs and bigguns up front are mostly at full capacity. Can Kwame Geathers live up to the lofty expectations I've built up in my head for him? Is Jarvis Jones the playmaker on the edge that will help ease the pain of losing Houston? I'll definitely be watching Jones a lot as this will be his first real action on the east coast since high school.

In short, do we rush passes and play on our toes rather than our heels like much of last season?

Caleb King
I know fans are disgruntled over him missing games last season for dumb reasons. Even some of the most ardent of King supporters have grown tired and have started to prepare for the Crowell Coming. But King should be the man at this GDay. He's the most complete back we have with the most experience. I know he wants to be on the field this Fall. And I know he wants to take Crowell under his wing. If he didn't want those things he would be on the team any longer.

So as anxious as I am to see what Malcome can do, I expect this to be King's day in the backfield overall.

Sidenote on Malcome: good article here by Page earlier in the week about the RS Freshman. When the black team takes the field, I'm looking forward to seeing Malcome as a feature back.

Targets for Murray
We know what Tavarres King can do. Who else can catch footballs, make blocks on the edge and turn 8 yard routes into big-gainers? Holy crap! We need a lot of that.

Personally, I've about got both feet off the Marlon Brown train. I think Bennett grows into our  WR opposite #12, but truly that's just a gut feeling. Eager to see if Conley is ready to avoid a redshirt. As well as if the coaches let Rantavious Wooten off the leash.

Anyway, that's what I'm looking at from wherever my seat ends up being today. What are you looking at 'tween the hedges this Spring?

Also, here's a video preview from the Dawgs at Dawgpost.

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AthensHomerDawg said...

I'm anxious to see the receivers catch some balls. What has happened to that 6'1" , 220 lb 4 star recruit Israel Troupe? His career numbers of 160 yards receiving and 1 TD don't make sense. He has been here three years now. He's proved that he can catch the deep ball. We need this young Dawg to step up!