Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Harvey Updyke strikes again

I was wrong about the Butts-Mehre culprits (something that doesn't happen often), but I'm pretty sure I know who set up a fake Isaiah Crowell Twitter account yesterday...Harvey Updyke. He's the only logical suspect. Somehow from his van down by the river, he was able to snag a few pics off the interwebs and fancy a nearly believable social media account.

So nearly believable it even fooled some media members.
"Tuesday, the incoming freshman at Georgia confirmed to UGASports that an unauthorized person had created a Twitter account using his name with posts being attributed to him. 
"No," Crowell said, when asked if the account was his. "I've never been on Twitter." 
Among the tweets was one attributed to Crowell stating "Dream Team" with dollar signs surrounding both words. 
Apparently the fake account was good enough to fool several members of the Georgia beat media to advertise the account, giving their readers the opportunity to follow Crowell. 
The account picked up over 300 followers in just eight tweets. 
"That's crazy," said Carver High coach Del McGee when informed of the Crowell impersonator."
As of my bedtime last night, the account is already back down to nearly 100 followers. So Kipp Adams' tweet and article helped end the frenzy for the most part. As for our favorite Bammer prankster...

Mr. Updyke...step away from laptop and stop skimming the WiFi. Coupla 
trees are one thing, the Twittah is personal and affects the whole 
world. Lay off.

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