Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Houston fails NFL Combine drug test

Yes Exile...Karma, she bites.

Houston tested positive for marijuana at the Combine in February. He'll now wait and see how that affects his stock after being projected as a late first rounder by many. While AJ seems headed to Cincy to join the NFLs worst franchise, Houston seemed to stand a pretty good chance of landing in New England as one of their two first round draft picks.

Then again, the Pats took that Aaron Hernandez joker last year in the draft...albeit, not until the 4th round. I doubt Houston falls that low, but...damn son. Just...damn. 

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Somewhat Tangential UPDATE: check out Muschamp, dismissed Jenkins (h/t Ally).


Anonymous said...

Reason #1564 why it doesn't pay to pound sand in righteous indignation over Flariduh player arrests just 24 hours prior.

And if memory serves, Houston sat out a number of games for a couple of failed drug tests at UGA. Sometimes punishment just doesn't work... nor fix stupid.

Also, for sure Houston will fall in the draft, but not too far. He knows he'll still get drafted, he'll still make pretty good bank & he'll still smoke marijuana.

AthensHomerDawg said...

.....what she said!