Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - Collards, ACLs and Bed Bugs

Vacation is over. Done. No green jacket for me. Just an alarm clock with a noisy reminder that I can no longer set my own hours.

But it was a good getaway; the family and I had a nice sandy time. You know, in between all the sisterly bickering and me catching my better half with her hand in the beer cooler. And we were able to make it educational as well. Like our Savannah tour (see below), my 9 year old's marine biology lessons (the sea was angry that day my friend) and interacting with our defrosted comrades from the north.

By the time the Tahoe was packed beyond it's capacity for the return trip, my little ones had nearly perfected the northern accent. Between my imitations of their fascinations with soda pop and other various phrases...the girls had taken to making some fun of it themselves.

Especially after a lunch encounter with Marge from Toledo where we found her screaming into her phone just outside of Roastfish and Cornbread. WHAT'S THAT EDITH? YOW STILL AT THE SHELTER COVE?!?! HOLD THE PHONE UP TO YA FACE I CAN HARDLY HEAR YUH.

You could see the light bulbs flicker in my little girls' heads. They suddenly understood exactly what Dad had been blathering on and on about. These people with the Michigan, Ohio and Quebecian license plates are hilarious. 1200 miles to sit at a pool with jeans and socks on...sure it's sad. But they're living out their own dream and shoveling cash into local Piggly Wigglys instead of snow into their neighbor's yard.

I hope Edith and Marge eventually connected for lunch. If so, I'm sure they weren't nearly as upset as I was that Chef David was out of collard greens. But there's no time to worry anymore. It's back to the daily grind. The inbox is full...and the trashcan is hungry.

Today's Ingredients
  • If there is anyone who reads this little blog, and knows Trinton Sturdivant personally...please tell him our thoughts and prayers are with him. That news yesterday just made me want to slap the snot out of Lady Luck.
  • Moving forward, Kimberley looks at what's next for Trinton and for Coach Friend's unit. Streit does the same.
  • In the midst of all the injuries Jack shares some thoughts on Saturday's scrimmage.
  • Speaking of injuries, Dean Legge sees it as a chicken or the egg argument: How do you become physical if you don’t have physical practices (or workouts)?
  • Aaron Murray's backups are playing well, including sophomore Hutson Mason.
  • Vineyarddawg puts some people on notice...GDay edition.
  • The Southern Pigskin fans have spoken...Herschel's the best.
  • Coach Diaz's Dawg netters claimed yet another SEC title yesterday. They take a perfect home record into the NCAAs.
  • The Diamond Dawgs have been on a tear, but couldn't quite sweep the Rebels this weekend.
  • Was picking through some scraps left behind on the Senator's buffet line yesterday and was glad to discover that Stephen Garcia's family believes there is a larger issue than his football eligibility. 
  • Suck it gaytors! Hey, if it makes me lmao...I wouldn't say it was a HUGE waste of money. 
  • Markeith Ambles and KiffyBaby continue their torrid love affair.
  • Why the Carolina Panthers would want sCam ahead of AJ Green is beyond me.
  • In all my years, I can't ever recall seeing a Masters like that. For a few holes there I thought they'd be sorting that thing out through tomorrow.
  • And Rory...poor Rory. That was ridiculously harder to watch than Butler trying to make layups last Monday. As David Feherty would say, You don't want to hit it there.
So we were on a trolley tour of Savannah last week, just as Conner had asked to do while on vacation. I wasn't especially pumped up about it going in, but we had a great driver who was like a Savannah Wikipedia with a turn signal. Around every corner he had an anecdote and a historical reference. Yessir, Stan knew his stuff and was making the afternoon educational and enjoyable.

For example - Savannah's Kehoe House, a 119 year old structure on Columbia square in the Historic District of course. Having already described the amount of pull a certain group of ladies had around the town of Savannah, Stan explained that back in the 1970s Joe Namath and Terry Bradshaw purchased the former boarding home with intentions to make it into either a discothèque or a "gentlemen's club". The powerful ladies of Savannah (their organizational name escapes me) would have none of that and a few years later the Kehoe House became the bed and breakfast that it is today.

You see, you can't always just step into something and make grand changes. Just because you like shaking your booty and nekkid ladies dancing around doesn't mean you're gonna be able to do those kinds of things in lovely, tree filled downtown Savannah. 

Kinda like when Union soldiers filled their bedding with Spanish moss to make them softer. Sure, go ahead we said, then sat back and watched them all learn that those things are full of chiggers. Don't let the bed bugs bite yur ass yankees.

Sometimes people just have to figure things out the hard way. Now if I could just get my phone to stop blinking NEW MESSAGE WAITING at me. But don't wait on me Reader. Here's your fork. Go have a Monday.



Anonymous said...

First, kudos to Conner for wanting to take a Trolley Tour of Savannah! Gotta love a little girl who has already developed adoration for one of the South's most historic & beautiful cities. That's impressive!

Trinton Sturdivant. Just damn. We drove back late from the Masters yesterday so i didn't get the news until this morning. Seriously cried over it. I just hate it for him. He's worked so hard to rehab, has so much talent & this is how it ends? Nothing irritates me more than seeing the phrase "Life is unfair" play out in the life of a truly great person. For those that don't know a whole lot ab who Trinton is as a young man (not just an athlete) do some digging. He's been a treasure for UGA. This just totally sucks.

As a Queen City resident i'm crossing my fingers the Panthers prove they let go of the stupid when they fired John Fox by selecting AJ Green. I hate the Panthers but i'd happily buy tix to watch him play in my backyard.

Lastly, how the heck did the fact that Stephen Garcia has a 4yr old child not catch more traction over the years??? Poor kid-and no i'm not referring to Stephen. Alas, as i've said multiple times over they years, Spurrier's best players could burn down an orphanage on Christmas Eve & they'll still start against UGA. This is not the last we've seen of that creepy moron. Unfortunately.

Great post Bernie-thanks for the updates!

AthensHomerDawg said...

ACL and PCL form an X in the center of the knee joint. Any center ligament tear is often referred to as an ACL. People that have several of these sometimes have a structural anomaly of the knee where the T cleft at bottom of femur is deeper and more pronounced and thus making it more susceptible to injury….prevalent among big men who grow stronger and larger and faster but the knee generally is the weak link….strong quads help. Twisting motions don’t help. It’s a short thick ligament ……but torque and length to the attachment can tear it. The MCL is located on outside of the knee joint but inside and between you legs…the LCL is also located on the outside area of the knee but also the outside portion of your body. Trinton now has two tears on the Left and now one on the Right…… on the Left it was probably the ACL and PCL… just a guess. I’ve had more than one knee surgery myself…. Sometimes you can’t get there from here. Like a great boxer with hands that break Trinton’s heart may have pushed past his body’s ability to sustain it. Per who is next in line….. Beanie has more experience than all the kids I’ve seen mentioned. His first red shirt freshman start was at tackle…. I hope he gets a shot. Just seems logical. He had a fall off in production in 2009 , followed by everyone else in 2010. He was noticed because of youth ……..the cause of that fall off in production may be in Texas or serving as an administrative assistant. OR… our choices just didn’t live up to expectations. We’ll see.

Bernie said...

Thanks for the comments. As for AJ, I'm torn. I certainly don't want to see him torch Falcons' secondaries the next few years+. But it'd be cool to see another Dawg go #1. I guess more than anything I want him to go somewhere safe from being Bengal'd. Or even Oakland.

For Trinton...I'm still too sick at my stomach to write anymore about it. Damn, just...damn.