Friday, April 22, 2011

More Friendly signs of non-entitlement

Weiszer brings us the next installment of why players feeling entitled to their starting positions is a thing of the past. This time it's new OL coach Will Friend who provides the breath of fresh air:

Will Friend, the former Georgia graduate assistant, was hired from UAB after signing day and completed his first spring as offensive line coach.
“He’s got a good way about him,” Richt said. “I liked how he handled everybody as far as grading all the practices and kind of re-racking it every day. If one guy was first team one day, the next day he might be second team if he didn’t get the job done. I think everybody understood they were truly competing and it will be that way in the fall, too, until we get the right top five.”
"Re-racking"...yes! You practice and train hard, you stand a better chance of playing. So simple.

At least until we look at offensive tackle depth where the water's a little murky still after Sturdivant's injury. Here's former tackle Clint Boling on the depth at tackle:
“A.J. definitely has the talent if he’s able to pick things up and get out there on the field and play consistently. He could be a good player,” Boling said. “I only looked at one (spring) practice, but Bean (Anderson) definitely has the potential to do it. Having Trinton hurt definitely does hurt the offensive line in terms of depth, but some of these young guys that haven’t played before are going to have to step up and contribute.” 
 Throw in Austin Long and the fact that Richt mentions Kenarious Gates has the size and athleticism to play tackle...and suddenly, tackle will be a big position to watch this August.

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