Friday, April 1, 2011

Public Relations, GDay and whatever else needs dusting off

Some Spring cleaning. Time to air this place out a little.

Leaving for the coast tomorrow. Thinking seriously about taking the wife and kids too. If you're on I-16, honk atcha blogger so I can show the family just how popular I am.

With the travel...the peeling of the shrimp...and the rinsing of the sand between my toes, there probably won't be a whole lot to read around here. At least until Monday morning when I'll have your Monday's Margarita shaken to perfection bright and early. Or at least in time for brunch.

Until then, here's some thoughts to pass the time. Don't forget to put in your order for salted rim or no salt.
  • New poll up today. Who gets the most carries at GDay? I think it'll be King. He's the most complete back. But I wouldn't be surprised to see Malcome emerge from the pack. Regardless, exercise your right to click.
  • Your dichotomy of the day: the UGA and AwwBarn PR departments. In Athens they take a hit for unplugging the website on the last Hartman Donation Day. On the plain little village, well...another day to forget.
  • In related news, the WarDamnTiglesmen I often come in contact with each week were either MIA or mighty quiet the last few days. Huh. That's peculiar given how well their vocal chords have been working as of late.
  • And in regards to, don't get hooked into that it's all IMG's fault nonsense. I'm sure there's someone in Butts-Mehre responsible for that domain renewal. And they caused a lot of Hartman donor headaches yesterday.
  • Back to GDay, how much does the scrimmage being aired impact your decision to go to Sanford? Personally, I'd rather be in Athens than anywhere else in the world. But Spring Saturdays do get busy. Between a kid's soccer game and a dinner party that evening, it'd be easier to use the remote.
  • But I'm sure I'll be too eager to tailgate around some simulated football to miss it once it gets here. Plus, I'm dying to get into the rotation at nose tackle.
  • Go VCU! I wouldn't be upset if Butler played Monday night though. Just hope whoever wins tomorrow's early game is the last team to cut down the nets. In short, I want to see both UConn and KenYucky lose just one more time this season.
  • Lastly, Weiszer mentioned the other day that he ran into former Dawg Michael Lemon. You remember him right? Well, he's started his own landscaping business. If you live in the Raleigh area, look him up.
Hope you dropped by earlier for some Mike Campo Cake. If you didn't, your shoe laces are untied.

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