Thursday, April 28, 2011

Richt gets in-state ATH commit

Chad Simmons at DawgPost says that Coach Richt got a big 2012 commitment ($$) this morning from Dodge Co.'s Leonard Floyd. Floyd was also considering Alabama and Florida, although he has long been considered to favor UGA. Ever since he visited a few months ago he's had nothing but praise for Coach Richt, the program and the school as a whole. From the sounds of things, UGAs facilities (both athletic and otherwise around campus) made quite an impression.

Eventually the question becomes where Floyd will line up. Or perhaps more accurately, where he won't line up. He plays both sides for Coach Collins down in Eastman GA; he's a very productive TE and a terror on the defensive line. He could play TE, OLB or DE at Georgia...or all three. My best guess at this point would be at OLB then DE as he gains weight. He's currently listed at 6'5" and 220 lbs.

Regardless, we'll take this in-state star. Welcome to the Dawg Nation!

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