Friday, April 29, 2011

Richt setting the Summer tone?

Again, I'm not gonna go blindly jump into an off season pool of blissfully false hopes. But if Coach Richt is this pissed in the April Bulldog Club meetings....I can't wait for him to get to Atlanta. Ballroom, party of 92,000 please.

Do I look like I'm in Sunday
School dumbass?
Makes me think he's setting the tone for the fans that gather around well brand bars and good BBQ, putting everyone on notice that for better or worse he's not planning on being on the hotseat much longer. What was working ain't working no more. We're stirring up the pot and gonna get a little dirty.*

And again, I welcome the more colorful and direct language. If continually propping the running backs up publicly hasn't been working, by all means let's toss the kid gloves to the corner and get after a little ass in newsprint.

I'm not so naïve to think that CMR doesn't use direct language behind the scenes. But I'm also not so naïve to think that he has used it enough. And he darn damn sure hasn't displayed this side publicly nearly enough. So yeh, it puts a little pep in my step this morning too. It only makes my hunger pangs for September 3rd rumble louder. It makes me ready once again to see a State Trooper fist bump as the visor gets tossed to Sanford's turf! Hellz yeh Señor Cock!

Luckily it is all held in check by this sobering thought: if only he had held his former defensive coordinator to the same standard as he is now holding his running backs to. As the Senator points out against the backdrop of last night's first round draft, we've had some pretty damn good offensive talent. Especially in 2008. What could've been if Martinez and Co.'s nose had been held to the grindstone?

Woulda coulda shoulda, right? I guess the bottomline is that last night in Macon is proof that our coach can evolve. By September's second Saturday we'll know if the team has followed suit.

*by "dirty" I don't mean "Opelika dirty". Just a little foul-mouthed and sour-pussed faced...ornery and not on an even keel.


AthensHomerDawg said...

"He is currently the longest tenured HC in the "what have you done for me lately" league. "
I like it that he has delivered that statement in calm and assertive manner. Enough crap from armchair qb's. I don't think that was the proper forum for a fan to take CMR to task.

ScoutDawg said...

You know we all love Coach Richt. I would love to see him fiery all the time, yet still Coach Richt. When he turns this ship around and goes on a streak like 2002-2005 he will cement the top spot as a coach in BullDawg lore.

ScoutDawg said...

It will be even sweeter running up wins against the likes of one hit wonder Shiznit, Dick Satan, "you gotta love him" Les Miles, and that "Florida Way" twat.

Cojones said...

I don't think there is any forum where a fan should take the Head Coach to task.That job is reserved for UGA Administration.I have nothing against complaints about PERCEIVED inadequacies written on the internet where any buffoon can rant such that they can be disected, but the egos of some of our fans are totally out of kilter(see the Senator's & Co's remarks).

Warning: Some of these egos can dish out criticism, but are far beyond being criticised. They are still bandying about remarks from Richt a year ago("in the arena") that hurt their little feelings. What has our fanbase come to, power players in a rush for a new coach?

ScoutDawg said...

Disagree Sir. A fan can vent wherever and whenever they like. Are UGA fans nuts, HELL YES. Yet that does not rescind their right to vocally criticise the team or the coach. Personally, I hope we have more of these wack jobs so Coach Richt can get some more ass.

Bernie said...

I think fans can reserve the right to voice displeasure too. And I actually think Coach Richt welcomes it. However, from CorbinDawg's account it sounds like this guy was being a douche.

Fortunately, this occurrence of douchebaggery has helped CMR gain some more least in my eyes.

ScoutDawg said...

Fully agree Bernie. I probably, if I had been there, would have been verbally violating that numbnut myself. On the other hand I think it is great for Coach Richt to hear from the lunatic fringe, much as we do every day on the net. Even better is the obvious drive in Coach Richt to shut these ****heads up.

Anonymous said...

We will all see soon enought come Boise and Carolina....losses to these two and Richt's Rhetoric isn't going to be enough for the Dawg Nation which has been more than genorous to Mark Richt. $3 million a year for what?

zenarcher said...

leadership starts at the top, the coach is fired up! the trickle down effect will be immense for the team as a whole! the emotions will be at the highest of levels. i hope the execution will be as well! #BLOWUPBOISEFIRST

zenarcher said...


AthensHomerDawg said...

I agree with the Attitude is a reflection of good Leadership meme. I just can't get too liberal with the say what you want, when you want, where you want, cause you just ain't happy with how things are being run. Post game shows seem like the proper place/time, PR tours while enjoying some cue may just be over the top....for me. What about during a game when that "fan" behinds you starts voicing his displeasure with your OC play calling. I know there was a time when we left the boys at home because of what was being said in the stands. Finally got to the point where we left Grandpa at home and Grandma just wasn't returning.... when he threatened to drag a fan to the men's room to wash his mouth out for using the F word around his bride (my Mom). An angry retired SAC/Warrant Officer is not to be taken lightly. I also found his(Grandpa's) outburst inappropriate as well.
just sayin'