Saturday, April 23, 2011

Safety Dance

The question is simple: who plays safety opposite Rambo?

However, the details are complicated. Call me pessimistic, but I just don't see Hamilton turning the page that quickly. We can read about him understanding the playbook more this Spring, but does that translate to more highlights...discipline on the field? I'll reserve judgment.

Shawn Williams. He reminds me of channel 2...dedicated, dependable, determined. Maybe a different order, but you catch my drift. My money right now would be on him starting against Boise State. But is he our best option?

It may just be Sanders Commings. And that upsets me just a little. I want Sanders to start at corner this September, not safety. If he starts at safety it doesn't tell me Grantham made the wrong decision moving Tree to MLB...but it tells me we're still trying to find the right replacement.

Who do you think starts? Or...who do you want to start?


AthensHomerDawg said...

We've got some talented freshman coming in. Do you see any of them contributing to the D back rotation? Improvement along that D front will go a long way towards taking some pressure off the D backs. Was it Erk that said...."Their QB can't hurt us when he's flat on his backside".

Stephen said...

Corey Moore or Nick Marshall????

Ollllddude said...

Call me a Disney Dawg, but for some reason, Safety doesn't worry me. Except that I worry a lot about Rambo getting hurt again. He doesn't need another concussion.

I don't think we will find another Scott Woerner/Jake Scott/Thomas Davis necessarily, but we will find someone. My theory (and I have no connection to CTG at all) is that the reason that Tree was moved is because his physical abilities are too valuable at line backer. The corollary is that better LB play makes for better Safety play regardless of who is back there. Not diminishing the value of a solid safety, but I am thinking we are going to be better because of the move regardless of who earns the safety position. Just my $0.02.

Bernie said...

Thanks for the comments. Yes, I think Corey Moore can provide some depth at some point in the season. But overall I think signs are starting to point towards Commings' move to safety as a more permanent change. We'll see.

And a couple of things y'all said remind me of the reasoning for moving Tree in the first place: Grantham wanted arguably his most talented/gifted player closer to the line of scrimmage and the ball.

So in short...perhaps it is better to worry about lack of safety depth than MLB.