Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Practice Notes, 4/15

Happy Tax Day America! Now hand over you wallet.

Some news and notables a day before (a close resemblance of) tackle football returns to Athens.
  • Yesterday was the final practice of course before the annual GDay game. And it was cut a little short due to the Letterman's dinner last night and the handing out of Spring awards.
  • It's quite clear that Kwame Geathers is a big winner in the Spring, especially in Grantham's eyes. I'll reserve judgment until I can see something tomorrow with my own eyes. But I will admit to being more than a little giddy at the thought of having John Jenkins and Kwame beside each other. "Here's our force...come try and reckon with it!"
  • In what is always a pretty vanilla game, Richt has said there will be no new plays to tip off the Broncos. I guess that actually makes this fat free vanilla. But at least we won't see any wishbone.
  • Grantham is insisting that the move of Alec Ogletree to MLB was the right call ($$) . And it looks like we'll get a chance to see him in action despite the fact that he's been hampered this Spring with a groin. Tree practiced full speed yesterday.
  • Speaking of injuries, who actually will play? Sounds like Ealey is the only certainty not to play, but several others are doubtful...including Brandon Boykin and Sanders Commings. Ultimately, it's all up to trainer Ron Courson of course: "If Ron says they can go, they're going...I just go by what he tells me. If he says they're able to go, then they'll go." 
  • Effort trumps uncertainty is a theme for the Spring that we all hope transitions into the Fall. Here's new LB coach Kirk Olivadotti: “Understanding the 3-4 defense is the No. 1 goal. If you don’t know where to be on a certain play, make sure you go 100 percent and we will figure out the problem later.” 
Lastly, one thing I've enjoyed reading about the last week or so has been the competition between the two teams drafted. This quote about the post draft bravado both encapsulates the team's excitement as well as mine:
    “Murray called (Mike) Bobo, and he’s like ‘We killed them,’” Richt said. “Ben called Coach (Will) Friend and said, ‘Coach, we’re stacked.’”

    Tomorrow won't just be about steak and lobster vs beanie weenies folks. I'm looking forward to it.

    Go Dawgs!

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    Dawgfan17 said...

    I was kinda expecting from all the talk for Geathers to get most improved player on defense. The fact he got MVP for the spring really shows he is getting himself where he needs to be. Hopefully it also serves as motivation for Jenkins to not think the job is going to be handed to him this summer so that he works his butt of to be in shape when he shows up.