Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thoughts from a sunny GDay

Turned out to be a beautiful day in Athens. And although I haven't had time to completely digest everything about the game, I'm thrilled that I was right to get a little giddy over early praise for Kwame. That kid may just be the force we needed last season.

What's more is I saw several pictures on Twitter of John Jenkins in the crowd watching the game. The more Kwame and Big John can push each other the better. I'm officially excited about the prospects of our defense with the right personnel in place. That and Tree looked special.

However, I was wrong on at least two things. First, Branden Smith. He may be more than needed on the offensive side of the ball. It was a little sad to see him as the only playmaker we had for awhile. Our receivers need to make some strides.

And secondly I was wrong about what GDay is all about. As soon as my daughter and I sat down and I had a chance to look around at the crowd I remembered the event itself is really about the fans. Nice to see some Dawg pups cutting their teeth a little on the annual Spring game.

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Cojones said...

I think we all are forgiving of each other for the unanalyzable euphoria today. Too much not to be happy about. Sorry you weren't in the stadium, but it looks like they did well without us. The notes I made from my view were repeated all over the Dawgbone today; therefore, we both can feel we saw through other than rose-tinted glasses. Even Buck was high!

Sic'em Dawgs!! Where's that horse we're supposed to eat?