Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A word on the recruit arrests

By now you've all not only heard, but also have likely observed the ugly fallout from the Carver HS arrests in relation to the items taken from Butts-Mehre a couple weeks ago. I'm not going to get into all the media and fan hand wrangling tying these arrests to <quote>UGA's ongoing problem with student athletes and the law<unquote>. 

Well then, maybe a little...

If people want to blame this on Richt, they're only justifying the fact that they rode the short bus to school. We all deal with this everyday, in the workplace and with friends/acquaintances with other deficiencies allegiances. Regardless of the circumstances, Coach Richt will always be perceived to be at fault when it comes to a confluence of these three words: UGA, athletes and arrests. In truth, Richt is no more at fault with one of his players' arrest than he is these three dipshits. But that's why he gets paid with the extra zeroe$$$.

Other points to ponder:
  • The first to come to mind is the relationship between Carver's Coach McGee and Coach Richt. Just as things were getting smoothed over between the two schools, this sets things back...at least on the surface. Just don't discount how savvy CMR can be in situations like this. In other words, I think this could potentially bring the two coaches closer together if the cards and emotions fall just right.
  • I can't believe there are Dawg fans fretting over the fact that we just lost Deion Bonner. Folks, we didn't lose him, he lost us. In the end, his involvement will be a blessing in disguise and either some other program's problem or their overcoming the obstacles story.
  • And no, he's not coming to Athens...really! He's not. Are you kidding? Except as an opposing War Eagle...or Bammer. Or should he really fall from grace, a DB for the ol' Ball Coach. If you disagree with me, slow down and gather your thoughts. You can't steal from possible future teammates and expect to be a part of their locker room again. Ever. If you don't believe me you won't have to go very far to find tweets and other timeline posts saying as much from current players. Get real.
  • Lastly, potential teammates' feelings are one thing. But what about former teammates and current classmates? I wonder how this has impacted Crowell and Harrow's relationships inside and outside of Carver HS. They have to feel just a little bit embarrassed to say the least. Bonner should've watched them handle recruitment a little more closely. Sure would've saved Coach McGee a big headache the last couple weeks. 
Everybody take a deep breath. It's all gonna work out for the better. Especially for the two big parties involved, Deion Bonner and UGA.


Booger Presley said...

We have some dumb fans.

Anonymous said...

Close the polls. Booger has already won for understatement of the day.

Cojones said...

True! And yes, he lost UGA, not the other way around. The pussyfooting fans are few in number and brains. If these thieves had any respect or intention of being recruited this would not have happened. End of story. What's the suspension time from highschool for felony theft? They may not be in school and in jail. Who could possibly want such antsocial/antisocietal jerks? No, not even Auburn.

All the Dawg Fans who keep stating bad stufff about Auburn on many blogs: Stop It!! You are reacting to the dirty hurt put on Murray. Hitch up your pants and preach vengence for next year's game. The team will punish the bastards suitably. We need to yell loud enough at that game such that they never get a signal called. That would be suitable revenge.

Hunker Down said...

In the Navy, we had a shipboard saying that equally applies to a locker room: Nothing kills morale worse than a thief.