Tuesday, May 3, 2011

As the St. Johns flows

I'm enjoying Chris Low's journey through the SEC schedules. Yesterday was Georgia's turn, here's his final analysis:
After the first two weeks, this doesn’t appear to be the most daunting of schedules for Georgia. Spending three of four weeks on the road during the middle of the season won’t be particularly fun for the Bulldogs, but the road trips will be at schools with losing records from a season ago. Still, it’s the SEC, so nothing is a given. The rematch with Florida just before Halloween should be full of emotion after the Bulldogs fell to the Gators by an overtime field goal this past fall. Georgia finishes with three straight home games and one at Georgia Tech -- all of which the Bulldogs should be favored in.
Reading through the full examination brings to mind recent discussion about what Richt needs to do this season to save himself as our head coach. I still don't think of it in terms of a specific number; this is one time it's going to be more subjective for me. I'm more interested in "qualifiable" proof that the team has improved than quantifiable data of such improvement.

To clarify, much is made of the first two games of the season. But in truth, an 0-2 start against Boise and South Carolina no more seals Richt's fate than a 2-0 start cements his tenure. Instead I think the focus will be on answers to these: 

  • Does the team play sound fundamentally?
  • Does the team show both a desire and an ability to play 60 minutes?
  • Is the team more or less susceptible to being fractioned apart than last season?

Starting the season with two losses will make for an ugly beginning. But as always, Georgia's season hangs in Jacksonville's balance. With a favorable schedule, if the answers to those questions can swing our way...then the season should fall into place.


Anonymous said...

If the answers to your three questions are Yes, Yes, and Less, then I think the worst we'll do in the first two games is 1-1.

If the answers are not unequivocally Yes, Yes, and Less, then the beginning is not likely the only part of our 2011 season that's gonna be ugly.

PS: I have a lot of confidence in CMR, his coaching staff, and the talent on the team, that we'll fix our complacentcy problems this year. CMR's public calling out Washaun Ealey is just the most visable part of it.

Paul said...

I love Mark Richt and want both he and Georgia football to be successful. I was happy to see him get a little testy the other day while dealing with one of the many idiots he must tolerate on tour. Unfortunately, I do not think fundamentally sound play, 60 minute ball and team cohesion will save his job this year. I think it would have last year. Without the W's this year he is toast. I hate that. But I believe it's true. The only real question is how many W's will it take. I'm thinking probably nine. Possibly eight but I'm thinking that's tenuous. And one of them HAS to be Florida. Otherwise, I think he retires and we are looking for a new coach.

Unknown said...

I just wonder where all you "experts" get your information. I am curious where you think we could get 1) a better coach (that does not cheat and has decent morals) 2) that would be inetersted in taking the job at UGA. I don't think we can find a better coach than CMR so I don't see him leaving anytime soon. Even Dooley had bad years and he stayed 25 years.
Inquiring minds want to know,

Anonymous said...

I think you are barking up the wrong tree Charles.

Bernie said...

Yeh, you'd be hard pressed to find a bigger Mark Richt fan than myself. There's no one I'd rather have to turn this thing around, because my memory's not as short as other bloggers and journalists who think he should've been long gone.

That said, with the talent we have and the schedule we have...even just north of where we were the last two seasons isn't gonna cut the mustard. And the perfect barometer in my mind is the WLOCP.

Just my two pennies.

Cojones said...

Too bad, Paul. Hope your opinion wasn't influenced by the "in-crowd" play callers. It's tough to see a fan's support wane before Fall Practice even starts. If you want Coach and the Dawgs to be successful then try to cheer louder than anyone else. Publishing downer thoughts never helped anyone. Would you rather be right or cheer outspokenly with hope in your heart? Fans do that, you know, even when better(than Richt)unemployed coachs draw up frantic plays for Bobo on these blogs. It would be nice to see how cheered they are to read such egotistic drivel written as if they can't coach. Hopefully it starts their coaching day off with the laughter it deserves. Thankfully some of those "fans" weren't around in Dooley's days. The mistakes that he and other coaches made would have ended their careers before the games were played.

It must be tough to wait and see what happens in our first two games and then piss away the season's attitude if we lose one or more.If the season is not about the players (and individual success of play) and only about the W column, why in hell do we watch the game? Contemplating a new coach while the one we have is still around is nothing but a downer with no up side.

If the Dawgs have a good summer(stupiod mistakes by teenagers kept at a minimum) and if they start Fall with the great attitude they have now, then they should be better than 50% to triumph over Boise St.. South Carolina has added the best D player in the nation to their arsenal which includes the best runner already. This will be the toughest game of the year for us. The other SEC teams will show up with intent to sink us. While they will be less formidable than SC, no one gives games away in this conference. Those precious "W"s may hinge on an injury, a fumble or pass interception that can go either way even if we are the dominant team. Don't forget the refs and perceived penalties. Point is, we need some luck that isn't dependent on how the Coach prepares the Team. How do you assign those Ws and Ls when bad luck hits good people? It has happened to us and for us every season. I believe we will prevail over most and have a great season. If I change my mind, why would I ever watch the games?

Paul said...

I believe Mark Richt to be the finest coach in college football today. My support for him and the Georgia Bulldogs has not waned in the least. My family bleeds Red & Black. My wife, myself and our son are alumni. Back in the day, I sat on the tracks with Erk and commiserated over beer and cigars. Today, we attend every home game, picture day and G Day game. We've listened to Richt give his testimony at our church. I made the largest contribution to the Hartman Fund I have ever made this year. I'd keep Richt after three or more consecutive years as bad as last. I just don't think McGarity and Adams see things that way. Does that suck? Yes it does. I would hate to see CMR done in by injuries or other factors beyond his control. But that is the reality of coaching in the SEC today. Unfortunately, I think Richt is at a place where he has to win to stay. I hope I am wrong. I hope I can come here at the end of the season and say publicly I was wrong. Nothing would give me greater pleasure.

Paul said...

Oh hey, I forgot to mention that we normally tailgate on the front lawn of the Sigma Chi house. Come on by. We'd love to share some food and a cold one.

Cojones said...

Paul- You are too nice, sane and normal to be on any Dawgs's blog nowadays. I am used to replying to those who are passive-aggressive concerning Richt. Your feelings of foreboding for him were not justified until you mentioned that you don't trust his bosses. McGarity is unfamiliar as to his management style. Felt that he was a great hire. Can't say the same for our Prez, but consider that Mac is a buffer.

Back in my day, I watched practice from on high each day it was held in the stadium. Saw Erk in his t-shirt and bald pate "Mr. Clean" image literally handle players sometimes by the face mask, but that and game day was as close as I ever got. I had a lab/office in the Bioscience Bldg, would come in on Sat to work and wait until the gate opened then would lock up and proceed down to save seats for my Law School friends on the 50. My first-born was in St Mary's before leaving for my career.There were so many things that transpired at UGA that made life there on top of the world. It was rich with friendships, cultural events and famous seminar lecturers. One of the high points of my life was to be able to return the honors bestowed by winning honors for UGA.

Football at UGA is filled with the same passion that research achievements give in return. My words on here are meant to sway all to a passion for cheering achievements on the field and to chide those who have lost their MoJo. I'm referring to the "experts" who denigrate the efforts of the good guys right along with the bad apples. My major Professor had a great saying: The word "Expert" is composed of two words; the first word is an unknown quantity in mathematics, the second is a drip under pressure. It describes some of these football experts to a "T". I see now that you are not one of them.

Would love to sit down and have a few cold ones before Fall, but distance and degenerative arthritis precludes that. Had a friend in the Sigs where I was a Pike as an undergrad. Nice Fraternity, but they couldn't touch us in Greek football. Wouldn't mind meeting your nice family that you describe. Have a friend where I live who played for Bobby Bowdin at FSU and later in the pros. He has nothing but the highest regard for Richt and how he gave first testimony with Bowdin's influence. Lets hope that good things will follow him this year and quite frankly I think they will. We neither have last year's tough schedule nor attitudes. Go back in your memory a few years ago when Richt said he had changed his philosophy after his Dad said he was too hard on the players. He has gone back to the old Richt and we will see the difference in September. Now if the fans can just become rabid again....