Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big John is pissed!!

h/t ecdawg

As the academic rumor mill churned last week, John Jenkins found himself at the center of speculation as to whether he would even be in Athens much less challenge Kwame Geathers at nose tackle. In an effort to find the source of the rumor, I used my cellular device to call the old ball coach on the golf course...
Moob over Garcia. You're sittin'
on my Banquets.
"Heywho'sthis?!?...oh, that Bernie fella. No, there's no truth to it. I was just sick of hearing about my drunk nekkid quarterback. Thought I'd shine the spotlight some where else." 
Then with a little chuckle..."And HEY! It worked, for a little while at least. Kinda like that draw play we'd run back in '96 when Wuerffel was there. We'd hand that thing to Fred Taylor..."
The rest trailed off as I hung up. Besides, I could tell the Visor was well into his case of Banquet Beer. But I share all that because Chip Towers has gone directly to the source (why didn't I think of that?) and spoken to Jenkins and his coach. The bottomline is that Jenkins is in no academic trouble or turmoil. He didn't stop going to classes and isn't going to fail out of school before he even sends his first dinner picture to Coach T.

He's good. No problems. However, September 10th 'tween the hedges...you might not wanna be standing between him and the Carolina quarterback. I hear Big John likes chicken almost as much as totin' his backpack full of #2 pencils to class. And after reading this he's probably gonna be mighty pissed at the gamechickens.

Say it with me Reader, State Trooper Fist Bump! GATA!


5thYearSoph said...

"Moob" over garcia...

Well done Bernie.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Big Bad John!