Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the Corvallis bracket

The 2011 Baseball Championship brackets have been added to the NCAA website to where you can highlight each one and check times. (h/t UGA Diamond Dawgs)

Like Tyler Dawgden posted yesterday, this bracket is winnable. We'd certainly be less than optimistic if the Dawgs had gone to Dodgertown back in mid March and laid an egg. But they didn't. They can win on the road, they just haven't proven it to themselves and their fans consistently. Maybe that can come in the land of the beavers.

Working against us: our own worst luck, lack of depth on the mound and seemingly endless stretches where scoring a run is the equivalent of passing a kidney stone, just more painful.

Working for us: opponents are mediocre for this field, Pallazone has proven he can pitch Friday and Sunday and the fact that Vanderbilt will be all the way across the country.

As sick as I am of playing the Commodores at this point, let's hope we get a chance to worry about them some more next week.

Go Dawgs!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe that can come in the land of the beavers.....

Well played.