Saturday, May 21, 2011

Denzel joins the Rebel Alliance

Admiral Ackbar set a trap...or Houston just got giggety.
Denzel Nkemdiche committed to Ole Miss on Friday night, and said he is unlikely to make an official visit to Georgia.
“I don’t really see the Georgia visit happening now … I really don’t,” Nkemdiche said. “I will talk to my father and my coach [Grayson's Mickey Conn] about it and see what they say. But I don’t think that will happen. I’m excited about Ole Miss.”
The speedy cornerback from Grayson High School said he called Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt to reveal his decision on Friday night, then talked withUGA assistant Bryan McClendon.
“Coach McClendon heard that I had committed to Ole Miss and he wanted to know if it was true; I told him ‘Yes sir, it’s true,’” Nkemdiche said. “[McClendon] told me that he still wanted me to make an official visit to Georgia on the day after the Memorial Day holiday [Tuesday, May 31].
“That’s not going to be possible because that’s when Ole Miss wants me to report there for summer school.” 


Anonymous said...

wow, seems like none of these kids want to try and come in and compete with the dream team.

when you have damian swann, nick marshall and potentially malcolm mitchell, none of these HS'rs think they can come in and start or compete.

Anonymous said...

Rainwater dawg says, I dont exactly see Mickey Conn giving UGA a good word either.