Friday, May 13, 2011

In the case of King v Ealey

First off, let me apologize for the problems with the posts yesterday and today. Actually, not sure why I’m apologizing since I can’t really control the gerbils that power the inner workings of Blogger. Hopefully they’ve got things back on track for good.

Secondly, if you’re convinced that King is already academically ineligible you’re going to find the rest of this post a waste of your time. Because I think it’s just the opposite. If I’m wrong I’ll gladly pay my blogging fine and endure whatever ridicule thrown my way. As long as those of you who have jumped the gun on this agree to admit you were wrong, publicly…privately...whatever. As PWD pointed out the other day on Twitter, there’s a precedent for things like this being wrong. We live in a world where the value is mistakenly placed on being first…not necessarily being right.

Today I wanted to draw a definite distinction between these two running backs. They share similarities in their position on the field and the fact that they’ve become familiar with the doghouse. But while I’m happy that UGA and Ealey have parted ways, I’m equally pleased that Caleb King will be around next season.

King is a well rounded back that I just have to believe is ready to put the past behind him. The past includes injuries, standing in Knowshon’s shadow, trouble with the law and certainly other poor choices. I think he’s equally ready to embrace the role of Crowell’s backfield “supervisor”, take the ball from Murray and do Damn Good Dawg things with it.

I think it’s short-sighted to lump King in with Ealey, as many have seemingly done. By most accounts, Ealey was bad for the locker room. King has had moments where he’s hurt his team, that’s more than fair. But I think he can make the team better on the field and off. Ealey had moments like the game in Lexington last year where he made the team better on the field. But ultimately he’s all about two letters, M and E. He wants to be a premier back but is working off a 16 year old ego-centric mindset. I hope his 21 year old body grows out of that real soon. Just wasn’t going to happen in Athens.

On the other hand, I think King’s already transforming himself. I think he’s prepping for his swan song. Join me in hoping it’s a tune we can bark to.


Anonymous said...

Based on what ?


AthensHomerDawg said...

1. Sorry about your gerbils running a muck. I believe the Lady Sports Writer's gerbils were misbehaving as well.
2. A little positive news about King is appreciated. There are two sides to it I'm sure.
3. @Anonymous.....manners! They're called manners.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Are you referring to the good manners of a gentleman, who borrows $500 from a lady UGA bus driver for Spring Break last year; and, then tells her that if she tries to collect on the debt that he will publish nude pics and video of her on the Internet ?

Bernie said...

I thought I smelled swamp juice. I try not to assume anything. However I'm going to go out on a limb and trust that you are not the alleged victim. Because you are no doubt referring to the Red and Black piece of "investigative" journalism which was never proven to be true (by actual persons in law enforcement).

Someone spiked your kool-aid Anon. Stick to facts, or slither on back across the border.

K said...

The sad thing about this is how much swirling rumor is accepted as fact and brought up again and again, like the Red and Black story. He has passed his spring classes, with no "appeal" as is rumored and no special intervention, but because of all the rumors there will be people who believe he still failed a class this spring. That says more about the people reading the tabloids and taking it as fact than it says about Caleb.