Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jax is Max

I see where a lot of people are weighing in on what the biggest game of the SEC season will be. This has also sparked some discussion around the interwebs about what the biggest game of Georgia's season will be. The Junkyard Blawg has a poll up in reference to the question. I was a little surprised to see the Boise State game so highly regarded. And I was shocked to see the WLOCP running a distant third.

I agree there's some significance to the opener in the Dome. It's our first chance to see the Dawgs play tackle football since we got our bell rung by the CUSA champ, Directional Florida Black Knots. It also has the intrigue of a distinct national taste to it. Erin Andrews might primp her hair on the sidelines. Holtschhhzz will direct saliva into Rece's eye. And Mark May's head will explode trying to decide who will lose. 

WTF?? Again!?!?
And there will be much rejoicing. But it's not the biggest game of the season. It's not even a conference game.

The South Carolina game the following Saturday is much bigger. Lattimore spoiled our chicken dinner last year. They're the defending SEC East champs. Their (potential...) quarterback is a certified instructor from the Charlie Sheen Academy. It'll be our first chance to light up Sanford since Justin Houston made Coach PaJammies crap a slide rule.

But even that is not the biggest game on the schedule. Jacksonville, son. C'mon. WLOCP. GA-FLA. Choke sign. 50-50 split. Vertical clapping (h/t Kit). Muschamp returns. More douchebaggery in jorts. The main reason for Richt's receding hairline. Shockley coulda won it on crutches...etc...etc...

Georgia's 3-18 against the gators since Duke was last relevant. We can blather on and on about what kind of record Richt needs to save the area code attached to his blackberry, but for my St. Simons' weekend rental fee the measuring stick this season (and any damn season we tee it up) begins and ends in Jacksonville.

Get real y'all. Jax is max.

Go Dawgs!


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What he said.

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And I love "vertical clapping".

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"Vertical clapping?"

Is that what Ja-Juan Story does as his "FAVORITE" pre-game ritual?

Oh, sorry, that's "vertical c**pping."