Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making Amends with Brandon Harton...and other depth chart musings

I'm on record as not being wrong often. But I was warned of a certain error a couple weeks ago by Cojones. I had posted on the depth at running back amid the Ealey departure...and then the Caleb King rumors. But I had missed someone in my analysis. And now that Brandon Harton has made the post-Spring depth chart I'm officially past due in making amends.

Others are skeptical, or just curious as to why Malcome is listed behind Harton. But reading over the Spring reports, you might remember it was the burner walk-on from Tatnall County that was mentioned most by coaches...at least for actual on field performances. He might only be 5'6", but at the very least he entered Spring with the aim of pushing the bar higher.

So Malcome sitting fourth doesn't concern me much. At least not as much as Harton sitting behind Thomas.

About the only other thing that caught my eye was Marlon Brown starting at split end. That speaks to our lack of depth. Brown has a scant few months to hold his place in the receiving corps hierarchy. I would expect Bennett, Wooten, Conley or newcomer Malcolm Mitchell to take plenty of snaps opposite opposite Tavarres King. Hmmm...this smells like a future post.

Lastly, can Harton play safety too?

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AthensHomerDawg said...

Darren Sproles is 5'6" too.