Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday's Counter-terrorism Meatloaf

Just as he's starting to get that char around the edges as he meets his fate in Hell, Bin Laden's body is now shark bait somewhere deep in the Arabian Sea. Fitting.

It provides perspective to think that while I enjoyed an afternoon with friends watching the kids play in the yard on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, our top ranking military personnel and the United States Navy Seals helped bring this bastard to justice.

As Justified's Deputy US Marshall Raylan Givens would say, "He pulled first, it's justified."

Today's Ingredients
  • I think the Senator found the most appropriate picture to tie the two biggest news events in the last 9 and a half years together. We'll always remember.
  • Ok, I give BookFace a lot of grief. But this is a good use of it's web space: pictures of things found in the tornadoes' aftermath.
  • Former Dawg Bubba Watson continues to play good golf and picked up a win yesterday in the Zurich Classic.
  • Six more Dawgs in the NFL now after the 2011 draft closes out. That ties LSU for most in the SEC this year.
  • Cone takes one for the team and the Diamond Dawgs take another weekend series, now 13-8 in the SEC.
  • Fletcher Page has a Q&A ($$) with Coach Fox's latest commit, John Cannon. PWD has more on Cannon and Hoops recruiting as a whole.
  • Chris Low peels the wax paper from Florida's cupcakes.
  • Evidently Tech's $7.2 million buyout isn't enough coin for Paul Hewitt. He's signed on with been promoted to George Mason's head coach.
That's it for today Reader. Please spend what extra time you have thanking someone in the US Military for their service. Today I am especially in awe of their dedication, selflessness and the peace that they provide for my family.



Ollllddude said...

You know, we all knew the deal Hewitt got from Tech was ridiculous, but now it appears he gets to work elsewhere and keep the whole package. I would have expected a clause that reduced it by the amount of his new salary if he got a new job elsewhere in coaching. Seriously?

Bernie said...

I guess Braine really locked that guy down tight. I've already applied to be Hewitt's lawn guy.