Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - Forced Moderation

 Harvey in October
The dog days of Summer are quickly approaching. This weekend was hotter than a watch from the sidewalks of NYC. Just when you get accustomed to leaving the screen open and breathing in the fresh air, Summer is barreling through your threshold faster than you can re-program your thermostat.

Harvey 3 months later
Another thing that sucks about these days we're in is that the information on college football is at it's slowest drip. From August through early January we're drinking from an overflowing fountain that continually satiates our thirst and never seems close to running out. Then it trickles through Signing Day before becoming a steady drip during Spring drills.

But here in May...nothing. Even if we listen closely, you can't hear Mark May being a dumbass. I bet even Nick Saban took a nap or something this weekend. We go from a college football hedonistic lifestyle to a dead period of forced moderation. It ain't easy. And it ain't fun either.

But just when you think there's no end in sight, the entire college football world (aka the SEC and its media conglomeration) descends on Hoover, AL. And then we start drinking from the fountain again.

Today's Ingredients
  • SEC Meetings in Destin will also give us a nice break in the monotony next week. One of the many things expected to be discussed is doing away with the East/West divisions in men's basketball. In other words, toning up the teams from the West by diluting the East.
  • The Senator sees this move as a no-brainer...It's the football, stupid.
  • And since I brought up media days in Hoover, I also found this Capstone entry from last July about what to expect from this year in Hoover. Maybe you'll find it as ironic as I found it.
  • Gentry Estes has the next installment of his Spring review, special teams.
  • Along the off season meme of hoping our defense rises up this season I present to you a post on quarterback indecision and the certain disaster it can bring. (h/t Smart Football)
  • Exile took some time away from boxing up his snow shoes and "bar-b-ques" to offer a couple posts on the NCAA and its dollars. 
  • Martin Van Dawgin has the second part of his Richt Report...aka, the Disney Party.
  • Georgia's stock rising to "this year's Auburn". Hope that doesn't come with any sCammy Juice.
  • Also hope Aaron Murray doesn't step on that Aflac duck when he accepts the Heisman this December. 
  • Has CMRs staff done enough to make up the ground needed on Auburn for Creekside DB Josh Holsey? We'll find out tomorrow. 
  • Not a great finish to the regular season for Perno's Diamond Dawgs as Vanderbilt won the season's final series. That leaves a pretty tall task and a rematch in the SEC Tourney if the boys of Spring want to make the NCAAs.
  • While the women's season came to a close, the men's tennis team has advanced to the final four, yet again.
  • Got this from ecdawg's Dawg Daily, lady Dawg Silva Zamora has been named Ping's national player of the year.
After spending two weeks upstairs swigging narcotics and making the mother of all honey-do-it!! lists, this weekend Mrs. Bernie dragged me outside into the sweltering heat and commenced to cracking the whip. What's worse is I'm pretty sure I heard my dog laughing at me on a few occasions while he played the "I don't have opposable thumbs" card.

The only thing worse than facing a long list of chores is knowing that it'll be a few weeks before you see the bottom of it. And forced moderation when it comes to yard work is a much different misery than college football's off season. Instead of monotony and boredom I have sore muscles and sunburn. Put it all together and it's enough to make you watch lacrosse while you ice down...everything.

Were things this dull and bothersome way back when KiffyBaby was around? Oh well, 102 days til we storm the Dome. But for now, here's your fork Reader. Go have yourself a Monday.



Gov Milledge said...

Better question, what would Uga IX do to a talking duck?

Bernie said...

I'm torn between thinking he'd hike his leg or treat it like Uga V did Robert Baker.