Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday's Memorial Day Meatloaf

We live a privileged life here. Everyday we are afforded the opportunity to take it all for granted. There are millions of people across the globe that wish and pray everyday that they had the men and women we do in our military.

But today there is no taking things for granted. Today we make good on the other days on the calendar when we weren't so outwardly appreciative. Today we look up to those who've fallen, who paid the ultimate price. We give thanks for those who serve and have served. 

I am no hero in our nation's collective eye. But there are many in my life who are, or were. My grandparents for instance, part of the greatest generation. They both served during WWII, my granddad as a mechanic supervisor and my grandmother as a WAC - Women's Army Corps. Granddad would peddle his bike through the British countryside whenever he got a 24 hour pass so he could see his bride. About 9 months later Grandmom was back in South Carolina giving birth to a dude I call Dad, three days before D-Day. And one June about 37 years later my granddad was in a Sears Roebuck outside of Fargo explaining to me just what dungarees are.

It seems a 12 year old southern boy can't pack for a trip that far north no more than his grits raised mother can. Without those who dedicated their lives to the campaigns of World War II, I wouldn't be able to share that memory with you. I've always appreciated that kind of dedication to ones country and a greater good, even if I've never duplicated it myself. 

And I surely appreciate all that peddling Granddad did on those 24 hour passes. God Bless our troops. Past. Present. Future.

Today's Ingredients
  • The NCAA host sites have been announced for next weekend's regionals. Assuming the Dawgs are in, I think we end up in Clemson. Chasing Omaha disagrees.
  • Newcomer to the Georgia Sports Blog Tyler thinks we've worked our way in too.
  • Meanwhile, the Lady Dawgs of the Diamond fell to Baylor yesterday.
  • GenXDawg offers us some motivation...We are Junkyard Dawgs!
  • Remember that pantsless guy...what's his name? Oh yeh, Mackie. Well he chimes in to offer his Preamble to the 2011 season.
  • In yesterday's episode of The Countdown 2011 Streit looks backwards and forwards at the rivalry with the HillBillys. (Warning: wear your hobnail boots)
  • I guess Coach Richt and Coach PaJammies agree on two things: Historic Grant is a very comfortable place to play a tackle football game, and oversigning is bad.
  • Ever since Dijana joined the DawgPost there have been a lot more exclusives. Coincidence, I think not. This weekend, she got a one on one with John Theus. ($$)
  • In his daily recruiting update ecdawg has some video of Todd Gurley, a 6'1" 195lb athlete out of Tarboro, NC.
  • Unless I've lost count, we've got about a week before Exile aims his swagger wagon south, for...ever. But in the mean time he agrees with Spurrier, Garcia's changed.
  • LSU, summer renaissance...yeh, I get it.
  • The SEC brass look like they're taking their cowbells to the SEC meetings again this year. (h/t Mr. SEC)
  • Lastly, is it just me or will this be one of the more interesting conferences in Destin in a long while? 
More than anything I hope you and yours have a relaxing Memorial Day. Mine's already been spectacular. But before we part ways, lemme throw some red, white and blue stuff at you, like this cartoon reminder from Dad:

And some links courtesy of a damn fine Marine and also a damn good Dawg. Semper Fi and Glory, Glory Mac.

that freedom is never free.
While I finish my hotdog and you dip your toes in the pool..."Here rests in 
Lastly, another beautiful slideshow set against the backdrop of
the Marine Corps' National Museum. "All gave some, some gave all."

Now go turn those burgers Reader. And when your path crosses with a veteran, regardless of the day the calendar reads....give him or her thanks.


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