Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NCAA flexing little used and underdeveloped muscle

Mark Emmert has watched THE!! Ohio State University football program turn into a bastion of ethical ineptitude. He's also practiced his sashaying while AwwBarn wrote the checks for their national championship.

But today's a new day!
Mark Emmert wants to start hitting NCAA rule-breakers hard.
The governing body's president said Tuesday he wants schools that violate the rules to pay a stiff penalty -- one that's punitive enough to make coaches and others think twice about cheating.
"We need to make sure our penalty structure and enforcement process imposes a thoughtful level of concern, and that the cost of violating the rules costs more than not violating them," Emmert said.
Talk is cheap Mr. Emmert. Wake us up when you finally decide to use your broadened resources for enforcement

Except you Central Florida. Y'all should probably stay awake. A good lamb never slumbers during its sacrifice.

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Heath said...

Sanctions need to apply to coaches as well as schools. Hear me LK?