Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nick Marshall, one Wild Dawg

Even before this article delved into "emergency running back" talk, I was already thinking of Hines Ward type versatility.

Nick Marshall’s coach said he wasn’t surprised to hear UGA football coachMark Richt mention that Marshall may play some QB in college.
Marshall is one of the most decorated quarterbacks in the history of Georgia high school football, but signed with the Bulldogs to play defensive back. Richt told reporters recently that Marshall may see time at QB in Georgia’s Wildcat formation — or the “Wild Dawg” as Richt likes to call it.
“No surprise there,” Wilcox County football coach Mark Ledford said. “We talked about that after Nick committed to play defensive back. Coach Richt called up to say that he might put some kind of package in there for him.
“After watching Nick for four years, I would say any way that Georgia could find a way to get the ball in Nick’s hands, that would be a great idea.”
And yet...I still have a "I'll believe it when I see it" attitude. Call it The Bobo Postulate - you have to have at least one wild hair to have a Wild Dawg.

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Corbindawg said...

Bernie it would be awesome if Nick Marshall ran the wildcat and we did something different. What makes it so effective is the threat of passing. Run DMC sat Ark had several Td passes. When you have it and you know Logan Gray is going to run it becomes stupid.