Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some Erk Russell news to share

Below is a letter from a good Georgia Southern friend of mine. He let me know they are currently trying to get the funds for a statue of Erk at Paulson Stadium. Whether you have the cash to lend or a moment or two to pass this info along to others, please take a moment to read about the plans as well as Coach Dooley's endorsement.

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Come Together,
    Hey friends in red and black, most anyone who ever gave two glances to college football in the south knows the name Erk Russell.  Ninety-nine percent of those also realize that the man transcended any one team.  He loved the game, loved the athletes, he loved the competition, and he loved the simple timeless principles of life that he shared with us and instilled in his players.  The stories are the same from Grady High School, to Auburn, to Georgia, to Georgia Southern.  I don't think the man had an enemy.  There are some exciting things happening in Statesboro, and like Erk, I wanted one special opportunity to transcend schools.  At Paulson Stadium, there will be a statue of Erk built to welcome guests and remind them of the life lessons he taught many of us.  To complete the project, we need to raise $80,000 (Eighty Thousand Dollars).  Fund raising efforts are off to a good start, but I'd like to offer the opportunity for Georgia fans to join us in this tribute to a great leader and a great man.  

We are very thankful for the kind donation from Erk's long-time boss and friend, Vince Dooley.  Vince added these kind words in a letter with his donation.

To Friends and supporters of Coach Erk Russell,
I was very excited to learn there is a movement to have a lifetime statue erected at Georgia Southern in memory of my long time good friend and coaching associate, the late and beloved Coach Erk Russell. It will be a fitting tribute to one of the great all time football coaches and one of the great all time people that I have ever known. I never knew a coach that was more loved and respected as Erk Russell. His record as a coach speaks for itself.
I am very happy and totally supportive of this effort which will be a fitting tribute not only to Coach Russell but to his family and to all of the supporters of Georgia Southern and the University of Georgia. God bless his legacy and the wonderful memories he left for us all.

Sincerely Vince Dooley  

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Donating has been made pretty easy. You can use the widget at the top left of the blog there or you can use THIS LINK to a Chip-In site where you can make a contribution to the Erk Russell Statue fund. Please donate if you're able. And please email, tweet and share this post with others to help spread the word for our Eagle friends...and one of our legendary former coaches.

GATA y'all.

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Heath said...

Thanks for helping us get the message out Bernie! Thanks to any good dawgs who recognize this is not about a school, but about a great man. Your donations will be greatly appreciated.